Gas cutting drums explode in Ji’nan a man was killed on the spot reshacker

Gas cutting drums explode in Ji’nan a man was killed on the spot yesterday 23 days 17:20, Huaiyin District Wu Jia Bao Dong Zhao Cun, a male tenant cutting drums electric welding at home, cutting the suspected spark ignited the barrel in the residual oil and gas, and then explode, the fatal injury caused by the. The explosion site is located in the village of a north-south alley, 19:30 reporters arrived, the police have gathered around the periphery of the blockade, twenty or thirty villagers. The tenant House East, placed in front of 3 barrels of oil, also not far down a barrel top blown volume. A man lying on the ground, face covered with a blue frock, has no signs of life. Villagers said, lying on the ground because of the death of the explosion of tenants. Reporters learned that the man surnamed Zhang, Liaocheng High Tang Dynasty, more than and 40 years old this year, has two daughters, a family of four in the village housing has been for five or six years. "Men have craftskills, do billboards, with some small welding processing industrial products. His wife ran a hardware store in the street, one family’s duty. Eldest daughter in the field work, her daughter is still in school. Men work hard, usually get up at three or four every morning to start processing things." A person familiar with the matter said that last year, the man also bought a new car. At present, the specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated.相关的主题文章: