Giant sad reminder! 500 million user data theft the worst in history pork face

Giant sad reminder! 500 million user data theft: the history of the most serious foreign media reports, YAHOO is now admitted that its accounts have been in 2014 in a data attack in the leaked. They advise all users to change their passwords immediately, especially those that have never had a similar operation since 2014. Reported that in 2013, Snowden disclosure documents show that the U.S. National Security Agency implanted Google and YAHOO’s internal network, in order to get millions of information every day. A year later, Snowden once again give critical information, said the British Intelligence Agency hacked millions of Yahoo Messenger network camera to monitor. Since then, the network giant began to strengthen security measures, but in the meantime, YAHOO suffered data attacks. YAHOO said, including user name, phone number, eMail, birthday, hash value of the password in the leaked information (Fei Mingwen), the security question and answer. But there is no secret password and payment account, bank cards and other information is not in the range of leakage. The current survey shows that the attack is a planned and funded regional and even national sexual behavior, but the specific information is still uncertain.相关的主题文章: