Gigi Lai brother 9 year anniversary of the whole family to open a good party lformat

The 9 anniversary of Gigi Lai brother rehabilitation family party good warm Sina entertainment news since 2008 and businessman Ma Tingqiang after marriage, Gigi Lai [micro-blog] rarely appeared, but earlier in order to celebrate the baby after the accident Fujiu brother Li Kang anniversary with her parents, her husband and three daughters, the whole family to Deep Bay party warmth. On the same day Gigi Lai wear simple clothing, less colorful, very love her brother, see Li Ying state is better and better, more comfort. Three generations of the party, playing for four hours, sharing the happiness of a family union. Gigi Lai was relieved when too wide happy housewife Gigi Lai, married after Ma in 2010 at the age of 38, gave birth to twin daughters home Wei and magnesium, 2012 gave birth to daughter Pegella, a family of five. Ma Tingqiang for his wife never stingy to reward luxury, children give the value of fifteen million luxury yachts, one year old daughter sent tregunter mansion, Gigi Lai wink fetched billions of dollars. Ma Tingqiang is love, in addition to spending billions of dollars on Gigi Lai, also Aiwujiwu, he knew Gigi Lai siblings love, 2007 Lebanon infant accident injuries, Gigi Lai’s younger brother after the dream, took over the care of the creation of the CosMax salon, Ma Tingqiang has been around money, do her back after you, teach her to do business. Gigi Lai was grateful to say: "he sometimes see me in the middle of the night, the heartache, asked me if I want to continue to run the clinic, I was finally moved to support me!" The family care Gigi Lai, seeing that infants accident injuries in a coma, and more dangerous in a vegetative state, can miracle recovery, grateful. In August this year is the anniversary of Gigi Lai’s younger brother Kang Fujiu, special arrangements for one family in a rich club called the deep bay to celebrate. The same day at noon, Ma Tingqiang served as a driver, driving the car, Gigi Lai, three daughters arrived. The other car trailing, Gigi Lai’s parents and brother Li baby, plus a maid, a nurse, a line of more than and 10 people full of joy. All the time and Gigi Lai together with a servant holding a child, in case of danger, the three little sister into the lobby, immediately become lively, they all inherited mother’s thick eyebrows, big eyes, white skin, very cute. Gigi Lai’s parents then arrived, three children swarmed a show, sitting in a wheelchair pushed by nursing infants, came in, he saw three cute little niece, a brilliant smile, one family happy to drink tea. During the meeting although Gigi Lai to take care of three women, but she did not ignore the parents, especially younger infants. She ordered a lot of his favorite dishes, and he took care of the diet. Li Ying, although not much, but in high spirits, and listen to family conversations, nod and smile from time to time, has made Gigi Lai very happy here. Little patience, six year old home Wei and magnesium, Pegella and more than three years old to sit for an hour, have cried to the children’s room to play the game, and the servants to take children to her mother-in-law, Gigi Lai couple and two father, brother to tea, one family gossip. Play to four o’clock in the afternoon, a line of people satisfied. CFP text and map (commissioning editor: maiko)相关的主题文章: