Give me a one night stand, and I’ll show you what to do

as one of the world’s top three show Songcheng eternal love sincerely say not boast out, at first I did not believe that this is a world class culture can be included in the show. However, when I watch this show is sincerely convinced this is a world class name show. The use of modern technology and science and traditional dance combination, to create a dynamic light sensual drama history. The show is divided into Yue Fei’s anti gold story, legend of the west, outside the palace, Xinjiang, butterfly tribute song and dance performances and the West Lake cultural exhibition related historical figures or story, let the audience in the history of ups and downs and poignant love, get a real like experience from visual and auditory information and knowledge. It can be said, is to let people into space in the auditory and visual of the tunnel to experience the Southern Song Dynasty prosperity, decline and fall of the whole historical process. The whole interest, the historical value and the artistry are all reached a very high level.