God is good as its Beijing brand car to occupy the market – Sohu automobile liner SUV ekdv-273

God is good as its Beijing brand car to occupy the market of automobile liner SUV – Sohu (the Sohu Zhang Liyue) Beiqi Saab technology absorption pushed the first batch of products in the finale works – Beijing (BJ) 20 to be listed after August 16th, Beiqi own brand 1 million cars off the assembly line, Beijing (BJ) has also started a new brand "the long journey". The media communication will be held in August 24th in Beijing Automobile Sales Company Limited, Sohu automobile to Beijing (BJ) 20 as city cross-country SUV, the future not only shoulder the responsibility of sales, will become a weapon of Beijing automobile brand difference competition. At present, the annual sales of hardcore SUV only about 120 thousand vehicles, and Beiqi of Beijing (BJ) 20 is expected monthly sales of not less than 5000, and higher than the Saab brand premium. "Beiqi shares PI plan, Beijing automobile is China brand passenger car market sales of the top three, in this process, we are not afraid of ridicule, the old God car will always go down, and we wish myself a little bit of progress every day." Vice president, Beijing automobile Limited by Share Ltd Beijing Automobile Sales Co. Ltd. founding director, party secretary and general manager Cai executive said. Beijing city located 20 (BJ) SUV technology is driving cross-country in 2016, is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March, Beijing is also the 50 anniversary of the birth of 212 (BJ); Sichuan, is the source of the Long March, Beijing (BJ) brand in the choice of long March started; and adhere to the unity, is the common point of the long march spirit and the spirit of beijing. "Long march on all China brands have inspiration from the 1966 Beijing brand produced the first car China hardcore off-road vehicles, we launched the Beijing (BJ) 80, Beijing (BJ) 40, Beijing (BJ) 40 edition products, Beijing review the history of the brand, but also a history of the long march." Cai Jianjun said. Deputy general manager of Beijing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Chen Siying said, the heritage of Beijing (BJ) 212 hardcore mantle, the upcoming September 10th Beijing (BJ) 20 city cross-country SUV, with short wheelbase, body, foot space and other advantages, the maximum ground clearance of up to 215mm, for the pursuit of individuality, fashion, to the self young consumers. Years of history precipitated the brand of Beijing brand power, military quality and professional off-road product research and development team constitutes a product force Beijing brand." Beijing (BJ) as the designer of the 20, Beijing Automobile Group Co Ltd vehicle business department, product director Hu Xuezhao introduction, Beijing (BJ) 20 in the control, security, power, NVH (NVH) to the highest level of the car, and the braking performance is better than the average level of the car reached the car level in the economy and emissions, and both off-road and comfort, more comfortable than off-road SUV, more than SUV city road. Hardcore off-road or will become the next outlet of Beijing (BJ) after 20 months of sales of not less than 5000 vehicles for Saab core intellectual property for 3 years, Beijing automobile brand launched the gentry.相关的主题文章: