Goddess Huang Jingyu Liao Mei small bud Li Linyu for God (video)-cibi

"Goddess" Huang Jingyu "Liao Mei" small bud Li Linyu for God [Abstract] 20:00 this Wednesday, "Hello!" the goddess will broadcast exclusive in the Tencent, Huang Jingyu airborne goddess castle, with the whole "Liao Mei" attribute, a face 10 beautiful sisters, don’t tease Mei Dan high Huang Jingyu, will be how to get along with them? [notice] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Huang Jingyu fans of the dialect is the goddess of Tencent abandon entertainment news exclusive broadcast Wednesday on the 20:00 Tencent "Hello! Goddess" program, "and Huang Jingyu as the man of God was the goddess of beautiful appearance, small Lei, Li confession, Lin Yu also opened its" strike violently "," the battle for god". Huang Jingyu Huang Jingyu was the goddess of airborne Castle goddess confession scene models of Huang Jingyu, height 187cm, delicate features, a three-dimensional body shank meat, with cute little teeth, honey Dandong accent, everywhere a station can self scenery. In addition to the superior appearance condition, Huang Jingyu humor, cheerful and generous, but also good at Brazil in the eyes of many sisters jujitsu, called "the perfect boyfriend", naturally exudes a charming atmosphere every act and every move, worthy of his "sister Liao outside master" title given. "Hello! Goddess" Huang Jingyu in this episode, for their own appearance is extremely confident of Huang Jingyu, scoring for themselves, did not hesitate to give 100 points. In fact, this charming, with congenital advantages, without striking a blow, then comes up full sister property. Huang Jingyu wore a white shirt from the room out, just show a little figure, it attracted the sisters screaming, her complexion red, repeatedly praised the handsome, really handsome "!" "Good love!". As soon as the whale opened her mouth, the goddesses laughed even more. Compared with this, the side of the host is a little "sad", the sisters not only did they divided attention to, but also put relentless: "you go away, we as long as Huang Jingyu." A face 10 beautiful sisters, don’t tease Mei Dan Huang Jingyu extremely, and how to get along with them? Small Lei Li Linyu Changsha tour to seize the male god open "Berserker" mode of the program recording, although Huang Jingyu doesn’t say much, but the hands to lift the foot, still let 10 goddess "fan Mei", he saw the stars eyes, and look forward to God for some time. Lucky Li Linyu, small Lei won a tour with God for Changsha opportunity, in order to let the man of God and his chief sponsor and the whole program together to find the designated car "Scene 580", the two sisters yiyanbuge began "black". Small Lei Huang Jingyu firmly occupy the left position, from time to time he revealed Li Linyu Luchi essence, suggesting that Huang Jingyu should follow their own path. Walking on the other side of the Li Linyu after listening to the outcome of the desire to ignite, loud response: I am the way how the road, I can follow the crowd, I am in the LOL is also follow the crowd!" Then, the male god pulled aside. Small Lei Li Linyu "for" Huang Jingyu in "Dazui Zhang", small Lei and Li Linyu in order to compete for the men of God final "ownership", also began to move from the "force.相关的主题文章: