Governor of two states Chinese should become an essential skill for American students ricky lee neely

The two governor: Chinese should become the necessary skills of American students in new network on 27 October, according to the American Press Network compile reports, the Delaware governor Jack (Jack Markell)? Mark and Utah governor Gary? Herbert (Gary R. Herbert) local time 25 days in the United States jointly wrote "news and world report" website and called on all political figure in American support for Chinese become necessary skills of young people in the United states. Co author excerpts are as follows: the United States economic development inevitably and Global trade and investment ties together. If we are not ready for the next generation, so that they have the ability to deal with these relations, then we can not fully stimulate the country’s economic potential. Future leaders must be able to work, compete and grow in a globalized world with diverse, multi lingual consumers. China and the United States will continue to be the main players on the stage. If we provide the opportunity for Chinese students to learn Mandarin Chinese as soon as possible, they will be well prepared for their careers in this critical era of bilateral relations. In recent years, more and more American students have begun to learn Mandarin chinese. It makes us very encouraged. According to the U.S. Department of education, in 2013, in addition to Spanish, Chinese is the most popular bilingual education program in the states. However, if we want our students to communicate with the world’s second largest economies with the necessary language tools, we need to do a lot. China has more than 300 million English learners. The United States K-12 (kindergarten to grade 12) in the stage of the children, but only 200 thousand people learn Mandarin chinese. In China, English is a compulsory course for K-12 students, but in the United States, less than 0.4% of children are learning chinese. In our two states, we implement a language immersion program to promote Chinese language learning for our students. We are very proud of this approach to the development of the United States and china. In Utah and Delaware, Chinese students accounted for 2.2% of the total number of K-12 students and 1.2%. In the United States, Utah accounted for the highest proportion of Chinese learners. There are 93 schools in the state that offer Chinese language courses, as well as bilingual education in 47. In fact, 20% of Chinese bilingual schools are located in Utah. After these courses, the students have made progress, educators have also achieved a comprehensive improvement in performance and understanding of learning. In Delaware, Mandarin teachers in four years from scratch, the current number of up to 23 people. From 2012 to date, the number of students to participate in Chinese immersion courses also rose to 7 times. Delaware is also the nation’s second foreign language immersion courses in the state, including chinese. At the same time, the state of Delaware has also launched an overseas study program for high school students. Through this program, students can go to China to spend the summer holidays, to improve their Chinese level, and to form a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Last year, the United States and China, the "million strong" initiative, aimed at increasing the U.S.相关的主题文章: