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Great "gate" road! Teach you how to choose a good refrigerator, Hainan channel — refrigerator since birth, it brings great convenience to people’s life, let the food to save time longer lasting, fresh, delicious resident. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, the refrigerator has experienced from mechanical temperature control to computer temperature control, from direct cooling to air cooling, from fixed frequency to frequency conversion…… So many technical innovation, bring better preservation effect. Great "gate" road! Teach you to choose Edit be arranged refrigerator of course, refrigerator capacity is also increasing, from more than and 200 liters to six today, seven hundred liters, meet the demand for large storage space. At the same time, a great change has taken place in refrigerator appearance, from two to three, and then to the door, open the door, door, door in door, door style more and more rich, more suitable for the people for the fine food storage needs. Development of the refrigerator to the present appearance style rich in the face of the current market, so many products on the refrigerator door, the vast number of consumers in the end how to make a reasonable choice? Today, I and you break with both hands pulling and pushing choose a refrigerator "door", "be arranged to teach you how to choose the refrigerator! Home appliance channel their own official service number on the line, buy, do not have to worry about the complaints, all kinds of new products do not worry about the first look at the ", e " life; focus on home appliances we are serious, please scan the QR code below or the official WeChat search " e " operation; life; (commissioning editor: Lu Shaoxiong Jiang Chengliu) – refrigerator two door refrigerator in the refrigerator in the family is the most "old", the popularity of the refrigerator just early, on the market are basically two products (now two refrigerators on the market still exists), the volume of its structure, little and dainty "is relatively simple, only a cold room and the freezer, temperature control way is mechanical, the temperature control is not accurate, the internal temperature fluctuates greatly, the fresh-keeping effect of food is just passable. However, in the early days of people’s needs and awareness of the refrigerator is still stuck in the frozen food ingredients, such as the simple needs of the ice, so the two refrigerator at that time is fully enough. The two door refrigerator slim, easy to install at present, few in number two door refrigerator products sold on the market, the manufacturers are generally under the banner of the low-end entry-level products, the price is low. But I don’t recommend you to buy the refrigerator two, the first such products only two room (refrigerated and frozen), the use of the process there will be some inconvenience; in addition, since it is the low-end products, the temperature control, preservation, noise and energy consumption performance is not ideal, to say the advantages of the two door refrigerator. Also left its slim figure. In fact, the small size of the family, the budget is limited consumers, then I want to introduce the three refrigerator is a better choice. The three door refrigerator with the improve of people’s living standard, people have higher levels of demand for refrigerators, such as meat stored in frozen thawed trouble, is not easy to cut problem plagued by the majority of users)相关的主题文章: