Group tickets have been booked since the Spring Festival, and the acceptance point is located in Han-windjview

The Spring Festival Party ticket book has begun accepting point in the Hangzhou Railway Station began in November 24th, the spring group ticket can start booking. Among them, November 24th -11 month 30 days, enterprise managers can go to Hangzhou Railway Station ticket office (City Station) 8-11 window for enterprise qualification audit procedures. From December 1st to December 6th, through the qualification examination of enterprises and employment for migrant workers through the website group ticket (mwgweb) reported purchase demand. Individual reservation from December 10th to December 12th submit ticket demand in the station window, submit requirements required to provide handling two generation ID card, mobile phone number and all passengers two generation ID card, Attn to sign "subscription agreement" working group ticket. Focus on the admissibility of location uniform in Hangzhou Railway Station ticket office 8-11 window, daily working time is 8:00-16:00. The railway departments to remind the enterprises or groups, booking must be within the specified time for booking, tickets and payment procedures, overdue for cancellation of booking will be regarded as the booking amount will be returned to the Treasury, sold separately.

春运团体票已开始预订 受理点设在铁路杭州站11月24日开始,春运团体票已可开始预订。其中,11月24日-11月30日,用工企业经办人可到杭州站(城站)售票处8-11号专窗办理企业资质审核手续。12月1日至12月6日,通过资质审核的用工企业可通过务工人员团体票办理网站( mwgweb)提报购票需求。个人预订,12月10日至12月12日在车站专窗提交购票需求,提交需求时需提供经办人二代身份证原件、手机号码和所有乘车人二代身份证原件,经办人要签署《订购务工团体票协议》。集中受理地点统一设在铁路杭州站售票处8-11号专窗,工作时间为每日8:00-16:00。铁路部门提醒,订票企业或团体务必在规定时间内办理预订、支付和取票手续,逾期不办理的将视作取消订票,所订票额将返库另行发售。相关的主题文章: