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Grow up! Kimi alone riding posture handsome (Figure) and Kimi Jimmy Lin, according to Taiwan media news "cloud" reports, artist Jimmy Lin and his wife Chen Ruoyi married 6 years, have 3 sons: Kimi, Jenson and Kyson, children often share life on the Internet, on the 23 day PO Kimi riding a group of photos, compared to 3 years ago, and now look, found his son really has grown a lot, but also make friends sigh "Kimi brother grow up!" Kimi Jimmy Lin 23 Kimi riding riding to upload photos, perceptual said: "3 years ago than dad to help you lead a horse, 3 years later than you and dad said you would ride." The photos of PO, Kimi at the age of 3 on horseback young appearance, also have their own now riding a horse, straight back, pomp and circumstance of the figure, the posture is very handsome, raised the speed of the fans also sigh. Kimi in 2013 for the filming of "Daddy where to go" became popular, loved by many netizens, but in recent years, Jimmy Lin PO photos, deliberately let the son face avoid exposure, also has few children appeared. He explained that the children want to have their own lives, the future will not bring Kimi to participate in public activities, hoping to let the son also have their own private space.相关的主题文章: