Guangdong has recovered 2 billion 70 million wages for 259 thousand workers this year-masa-c

Guangdong this year for the 259 thousand workers wages recovered 2 billion 70 million (reporter Su Nanfang Daily correspondent Yue Renxuan) provincial agency office said on 17, Vice Minister of human society Qiu Xiaoping recently rate of national enterprises to solve the problem of wage arrears of third ministerial joint inspection group to Guangdong, the province to implement the "Office of the State Council on wages migrant workers comprehensive governance arrears of opinions" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 1) and the progress of comprehensive governance of wage arrears of migrant workers to conduct a special inspection. Since this year, Guangdong province to carry out special focus on Governance of wages, increase efforts to crack down on wages behavior, effectively curb wage violations, the province at all levels of human resources and social security departments cumulative 259 thousand workers to recover wages and benefits 2 billion 70 million yuan, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. The inspector group requires that by 2020, Guangdong should make efforts to prevent the problem of wage arrears to migrant workers fundamentally and achieve basic arrears. The management of key industries, such as key areas such as construction field, labor intensive manufacturing industry and other key industries, is highlighted. 广东今年以来为25.9万名劳动者追回20.7亿工资   南方日报讯 (记者 苏力 通讯员 粤仁宣)省人社厅17日透露,人社部副部长邱小平近日率国家解决企业拖欠工资问题部际联席会议第三督查组莅粤,对我省贯彻落实《国务院办公厅关于全面治理拖欠农民工工资问题的意见》(国办发〔2016〕1号)进展情况和全面治理拖欠农民工工资工作进行专项督查。   今年以来,广东省集中力量开展欠薪专项治理,加大对欠薪行为的打击力度,有效遏制了欠薪违法行为,全省各级人力资源社会保障部门累计为25.9万名劳动者追回工资及待遇20.7亿元,有力维护了农民工合法权益。   督查组要求,到2020年,广东省要努力使拖欠农民工工资问题得到根本遏制,实现基本无拖欠。突出对建设领域等重点领域、劳动密集型制造业等重点行业的治理。相关的主题文章: