Guangxi bus when the intern was stabbed two knives even did not see his face kisstudou

Guangxi intern, waiting for the bus when the murderer was stabbed two knives even face are not seen on October 7th at 9 pm, the female college student Liu Ting (a pseudonym) in Guangyuan village, Baiyun District of Guangzhou bus station waiting for the bus, a strange man crossing the road suddenly stabbed back to Liu Ting, causing her waist injury. After wounding, the man fled the scene. Liu Ting passers-by were saved, sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, has been out of danger. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Liu Ting lying on the hospital bed. Today, 12 am, Liu Ting from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine operation room was slowly introduced to see her daughter out of danger, the father of Liu’s heart finally fall. However, lying on the bed to see Liu Ting, his father is still sad, he did not expect that the original 3 days after the end of the internship in Guangzhou ready to go home daughter, was suddenly this accident. "I was so scared that I didn’t see each other’s face from beginning to end." Liu Ting just finished surgery is still difficult to speak. According to Liu Ting colleagues Adger introduction, Xu 9 last night, he and his colleagues after dinner, go home at Guangyuan Road Park Village taxi station. Just go home, Ajay received a strange phone, claiming to be a friend of Liu Ting, said Liu Ting was stabbed. The bus station at the end of the flyover. Adger rushed to the hospital, Liu Ting has been sent to the emergency rescue. Liu Ting said, she is 9 pm last night in the car, other people, not the bus station when suddenly a young man passed her, hit her, then she felt a sharp pain in his back, like "was the top." Reaching for the back, I found a lot of blood in my back. At this time, stabbed her man had fled, Liu Ting scared to quickly ran to the place of a few meters to call for help. Two passers-by immediately hit 120 and help Liu Ting stop bleeding. Subsequently, Liu Ting gradually lost consciousness, when she woke up and found himself in hospital. According to Liu Ting introduced the students, 22 year old Liu Ting is 4 students in Jiangxi University of Jinggangshan, came to Guangzhou in July this year internship, two people daily rental in Jinshazhou, today, three month internship will be full, in October 10th, Liu Ting will be the end of the internship to go home, but the accident. After more than 4 hours of rescue, Liu Ting has been out of danger. Doctors said Liu Ting back there is a wound, two knives". According to the operation records of the hospital, Liu Ting left back stabbing wound up the left retroperitoneal, 0.5 cm deep wounds. Nandu reporter learned from the Baiyun police, October 7th 21 am, Baiyun District, Jingtai street, a case of injury. Baiyun police received the alarm, immediately sent to the scene disposal. After preliminary investigation, the victim Liu (Guangxi 22,) internship in Baiyun District Jinzhong Heng Lu, a company. The night of the incident, Liu after work in the village Guangyuan Guangyuan Road bus station, was suddenly a strange man stabbed from behind the waist. The man suspected of committing the crime after fleeing the scene, Liu was sent to hospital for treatment, no danger. At present, Baiyun police have set up a task force, the full investigation of the case. The police solemnly urged the suspect to surrender, also called on the newspaper相关的主题文章: