Guangzhou customs successfully arrested the suspect fled through the fox hunting action

Guangzhou customs by fox hunting action successfully captured the suspects fled the Nanfang Daily News (reporter Wu zhe     intern Chen Haozhen   correspondent Guan Yue) 28, after nearly a year of hunting in the Ministry of public security, Ministry of foreign affairs and foreign embassies and consular assistance, Guangzhou customs for the first time through the "fox hunting action", will be a success the name of the suspect of smuggling arrest absconding abroad. According to reports, the "fox hunting action" arrested the suspect Liu is a prime suspect in the Guangzhou customs office of the smuggling, the smuggling gangs suspected of smuggling goods up to 224 containers, including pistachios, hazelnuts, apricot shell, abalone and other dried fruit, a total of 5282.18 tons, worth up to 250 million yuan. The investigation, Liu as the owner of the implementation of the crime of smuggling and smuggling activities to gang members, the border frontier preferential policies through false trade smuggled pistachio nuts. After the incident, Liu fled abroad in November 28, 2015 and long-term hiding. In August 2016, the Guangzhou customs to be included in the Ministry of public security "fox hunting action" pursuit goal. In October 28th this year, with the help of the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of foreign affairs and overseas embassies and foreign law enforcement departments, Guangzhou customs successfully captured liu. Guangzhou customs official said, the customs anti smuggling department according to the law of arrest suspects carry out investigation work, and further strengthen international law enforcement cooperation, relying on the "fox hunting action" do the crime of smuggling pursuit stolen goods, even criminals fled to the ends of the earth day, a catch in the end. Editor: GDN007相关的主题文章: