Guangzhou, Haizhuqu District will set up thousands of shared parking spaces


in the streets of Guangzhou, v-mobile, ofo rider "white box" to love the situation is about to change. Guangzhou, Haizhuqu District plans before the Spring Festival, will draw a group of non exclusive, do not row him, the parking lot of white grid, Haizhuqu District can be used to share the bike parking white grid will reach more than 1 thousand.

is currently in Haizhuqu District for bicycle parking sharing parking spaces, mainly concentrated in the subway station, crowded streets, commercial areas etc.. Mobell, ofo Guangzhou area responsible person, Haizhuqu District bike sharing number of parking spaces is the largest city of Guangzhou, is the most convenient delivery, which also led to the area of bike sharing. The v-mobile amount invested in Guangzhou is 100 thousand vehicles, including 50 thousand cars in Haizhu; ofo in Guangzhou is currently the amount of 50 thousand vehicles, including 25 thousand cars in Haizhu, Haizhuqu District is currently using the most convenient bike sharing area.

reporter learned that Haizhuqu District for convenient use v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle support is far more than these. Haizhuqu District has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the v-mobile, ofo, the district government actively coordinating relevant departments and industry units, establish smooth communication channels, and to improve the Haizhuqu District area within the scope of the bicycle parking and road network planning and construction, to guide the construction of non pile intelligent sharing demonstration bicycle, to solve the various problems of slow traffic system in the construction of the continuous improvement of Haizhuqu District slow traffic infrastructure system, create a good environment for bicycle travel.

Guangzhou municipal traffic management departments are doing detailed investigation on the sharing of bicycle, bicycle Mobell, they think sharing ofo is not the true sense, defined as "network rental bike" is more appropriate. This new mode of travel must first solve the distribution of city slow system construction and driving, vehicle, single row, right and responsibility of people and vehicles, such as riding a bicycle accident Mobell, car and Mobell definition of corporate responsibility. With the detailed investigation and practice, it can provide the basis for the planning of Guangzhou City, the use of "network rental bicycle" and the construction of urban slow system. Haizhuqu District region to promote the use of network rental bicycle for the city’s planning to provide practical experience.

Internet rental bike in Haizhuqu District, also encountered management problems, such as sharing a bicycle Luantingluanfang problem; in the slow system is not perfect when the bicycle and pedestrian road bike sharing dispute problem; and "five class passengers by Aberdeen car" (electric cars, motorcycles, tricycles, assembly, modification, scrap car, exceed the standard motor wheelchairs for the disabled) driver vandalism…… Haizhuqu District said that compared to the benefits of the network rental bike for Haizhuqu District, these problems can be managed step by step. From the public security department data show that since September 2016 the share of large-scale bicycle stationed in Haizhuqu District, focusing on areas such as the subway, in a large cloth market and other areas of the five car number decreased over the past 3 months, Haizhuqu District seized five cars fell about 3000 vehicles.