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Guiyang: "pain" "off the record" for the "green card" service – Beijing, October 30 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Wang Xinming) Guiyang encourages government agencies, enterprises, social organizations and natural persons involved in the "pain off plan", "pain" "off the record" can apply for a "green card" service and enjoy a number of preferential treatment and convenience services. 30 reporters from the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security to understand, to participate in the "China pain off contest and entered the top 30 of the" pain "or" off the record "," pain by guest DreamWorks platform solutions and received 100 thousand yuan (inclusive) above reward "the creation" and successfully solve or alleviate pain points and achieve greater social value and commercial value or project investment hit off, can apply for "green card". Hold a "green card" of the staff, can enjoy preferential treatment and convenience services, including: in healthy lifestyle, shopping, tourism and leisure class merchants, enjoy free concessions or priority services; under the same conditions, giving priority to the cardholder at home and abroad to participate in study tours and conferences such as children or compulsory; education can be studied in the cardholder domicile area of public kindergartens, schools in the compulsory education stage. In addition, comply with the relevant conditions, also can get the highest 2 million yuan business loans and discount. The cardholder belongs to the Guiyang state public servants, training for the reserve cadres priority column, to meet the good cadre standards, in the innovation work especially outstanding vice Kejiyixia cadres, in accordance with the cadre management authority for approval, can be exceptional or leapfrog promoted to department level cadres. "Pain off", focused on the search has not yet been met and was widely desired demand, that is, search pain points. Starting point of pain, fulcrum, innovation, entrepreneurial success probability will increase. In March 1st this year, Guiyang launched the "pain off plan", encouraging people to search for the industry pain points and enter the "pain off DreamWorks" platform, through intelligence processing, innovation, entrepreneurial projects become pain points.相关的主题文章: