Guo Degang first response to Cao Yunjin shelling really doesn’t mind (Figure) – Beijing

Guo Degang first response to Cao Yunjin shelling: really doesn’t mind (Figure) – Beijing Guo Degang Beijing, September 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) in September 10th, Guo Degang appeared in Beijing, attended the new program "to" pit King debut conference. During the interview, the first time he responded with Cao Yunjin mentoring disputes, stressed that he simply did not care, and said: "if I mind alive today." As the first large files of experiential stand up comedy variety show, "King’s" pit by Guo Degang teamed up with Iqiyi to build. The event, Deyunshe supremo Guo Degang, Iqiyi founder, CEO Gong Yu, Iqiyi senior vice president Mr. Yang Xianghua attended. "The king’s" pit of a small theater in the form of our real style teahouse, 52 year period, a weekly update period. For the "pit" king of the title, since Guo Degang said he laughed often because of various reasons may not have been digging, follow-up when fill the pit, he dug a pit, the pit. All the way up to now. Later, I also want to, do not fill the pit it, do not fill a bit inappropriate". But Guo Degang Guo Degang also mentioned that the current fill the hole is difficult to achieve in the Deyunshe theater, "I fill in the time, is bound to be put before the fill, to fill up the light behind, you say at the end of an hour, said, do not solve the problem, a new audience can understand". Therefore, in his opinion, and Iqiyi cooperation. "Do not have such a program and platform for cooperation with Iqiyi to engage in such a large pit activities, I feel very good, before the pit is filled in". Guo Degang said, this will be through the program to fill the "hand plane under the pit, including the audience the long-awaited" exploration "," nine crypt case ", and will also have several never disclosed the full-length masterpiece. Today coincides with the teacher’s day, Guo Degang also issued a document on the micro-blog mentor Hou Yaowen memorial. During the interview, asked the disciples received no greeting, he gave a satisfied look, "a lot of (greeting), this year, the kids also have to rigidly adhere to the teachers’ day, the day the year before and after the foot, they continued blessing, some through the circle of friends, some through WeChat, some through micro-blog". Guo Degang and Iqiyi leaders, recently, Cao Yunjin micro-blog published 7000 word text "is also the time, an end", Guo Degang responded with gratitude and grudges, and blamed Guo Degang for the 7 deadly sins, triggered concern. "I just came back from Macao yesterday afternoon, in the evening bazaar Charity Night, tomorrow go to Canada tour, to come back after a week, tired with Grandpa, tell the truth. Really a lot of things." Guo Degang bluntly, Cao Yunjin issued a "very big" in the outside world, but he really doesn’t mind". Guo Degang more bluntly: open a joke, a composition can change your outlook on life, I want to get you this story, you can not take off ah." However, he also mentioned that his current two days does not mean that the future does not say, "I am the greatest feature of the people, first, obsessive-compulsive disorder, who want to do things can not stop;" second)相关的主题文章: