Guo Jingjing’s second child plan I think it’s about time

Guo Jingjing’s second child plan: I think it’s about time Guo Jingjing visual Chinese news on October 14th, Guo Jingjing is running for charity ambassador, mentioned earlier, she said there are ready to build the plans, she said: "there is an intention, but also to fate, not to have. The family is under pressure? No, I think it’s about time." As diving champion Guo Jingjing Jingjing, admitted that now are less swimming, and more often run with her husband. Jingjing asked whether or not to take his son to do sports, she said: to go swimming, but the gym can not take him, will affect others, he now likes to walk around, he does not like swimming." Ask whether to see her son before diving fragments and let him learn diving, she said with a smile: "no special to him, but he knew I would dive, he may be afraid of hard work, will give him a try other sports." The 15 day of this month is Jingjing’s birthday, she said she would only eat a meal. Asked whether his son to send her birthday card, she is sweet smile refers to some, but it should be written with her husband.相关的主题文章: