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Guo Weiwei: Xie Yun spread 2018 listed the sword 3 heavy plate keep low version 9.4 CGWR score card booking | novice JX online version of the 3 area in the "sword net 3" seven anniversary conference, "spread" and "Xie Yun Jian Wang 3" heavy plate so many game player eyes bright, but also to the fans as cheerful as a lark. After the conference, the game producer Guo Weiwei interview, for these two games in-depth exchanges, let us look at the story behind these two games. Guo Weiwei "Xie Yun spread" scene shows a lot of scenes and action capture demo, then the task system in this area can be broke? "Xie Yun spread" the core of the core of the most important goal is the accumulation of technology, display and presentation on the "Xie Yun spread" we did not mention the story of the story, the reason is here. So what is it to reserve technology? MMOARPG is the next generation of huge reserves, "Xie Yun" spread itself is a project that is time, so we must be as close as possible to the overseas advanced technology we can grasp the absorb present to you. Go back, "Xie Yun" is spread in the sandbox, the task it is no longer an overhead mark or a reel, and more is to explore, to do an ecological and human relationship, someone on the inside, like "the godfather", the gang you better, another gangster just want to kill you, like this. For "Xie Yun" spread, the story happened in Xie Yun flow is very early, the story of the game is also very long, including his teenage years now Qishiduobashi was adopted to process. Xie Yunliu basically is "sword net three" in the fullness of the role, so we want to use another way to show it. Of course, this project is mainly to do technical reserves, in order to prepare for the next I want to subvert the world MMORPG. What is the biggest difficulty you have encountered in the development of Xie Yun? First of all, the grand itself is a very difficult thing to do, second is to be true. Authenticity is divided into several levels, one is the authenticity of the things you see, one is the authenticity of ecology. Changan, the world’s largest capital in history, 84 square kilometers, then how to restore the city of Changan, which is a very big problem we face. Of course, simply say that 84 square kilometers, you may not be clear how much, say, Chunyang the entire map about 4 square kilometers, for after about 16 square kilometers, let the back of the mountains have become real. And in the spread of Xie Yun, 84 square kilometers is just a main city, it will be big to subvert all of your cognitive concept. "Sword net 3 heavy plate in addition to" quality innovation, the other will change? No. Heavy plate is not a new version, it is an incremental update, you can still have a heavy plate with the old version of landing, you can use the machine heavy plate, and no use of heavy plate of the game player the same world, just your picture is more beautiful. The play is exactly the same. Q: "sword net 3" in which NPC will appear in the "cloud" Xie spread? A: first of all, you can use the Xie Yun drama.相关的主题文章: