Guotai Junan PPP stack rail double burst, the boom of the hitherto unknown puritans pride

Guotai Junan: PPP stack rail double outbreak boom [] hitherto unknown industry analysis of new energy vehicles to accelerate to benefit from the policy of subsidy policy to accelerate, Shenzhen, Jiangxi and other places introduced in the near future, the release signal to the whole industry support. At the same time, in 2017, the measures for the administration of automobile carbon quota will be test run, which forced the traditional car after the development of new energy vehicles, which will significantly exceed market expectations. Expected in the second half of the relevant rules will continue to launch, the premium premium premium direct new energy vehicle leading and core parts manufacturers. Maintain overweight rating: key recommendation: aotecar (heat pump compressor leading), camel shares (lithium battery production capacity), Zhongtong bus (New Energy Vehicle Logistics Leading), Jianghuai Automobile (new energy vehicle). Benefit: Acer shares (relay (leading), China Aviation optical connector leading). The upper reaches of the downstream industry, non-ferrous Huayou cobalt cooltech power. PPP stack rail double burst, boom of the hitherto unknown 1) rail outbreak has been verified, "the first half of two iron rail orders were increased by 70% and 80%, the industry leader in order to explain the outbreak of the rail industry high heat; 2) such as tunnel shares Hongrun construction Tengda construction of rail orders growth respectively. Up to 30% 132% 191%; 3) PPP as the main mode of rail project: instockroom PPP rail project in June exceeded trillion, accounting for investment in all municipal PPP project 37%, ranking first in the industry segments of municipal government; 4) has been studied in the" Subway + property "PPP mode, if the implementation will greatly promote PPP rail project landing; 5) we suggest that the rail industry is one of the most PPP and garden industry benefit of the industry, suggesting that investors attach importance to the rail industry superimposed PPP double burst investment opportunities. Investment advice: 1) industry chain stock: rail design combination Su cross section design of shares; rail construction: Construction of Tengda tunnel shares Hongrun construction of Guangdong hydropower Shandong Luqiao Shanghai construction China iron China Railway built Chinese; 2) rail market share stock: China iron Chinese railway Chinese recommended to build the tunnel shares Shanghai Construction Engineering; 3) market value and revenue than picking orders orders: recommended the construction of Tengda tunnel shares Hongrun construction; 4) the largest market capitalization ratio and the largest scale leveraging funds leveraging capital scale revenue ratio of stock: Luqiao China to recommend Shandong Hongrun construction China mcc. The above four dimensions: the first rail Three Musketeers (maximum flexibility) Hongrun construction construction of Tengda tunnel shares, pushing the four kings Chinese MCC blue chip Chinese in Shanghai construction China built. The blockchain power of intellectual property services we think nature block chain technology is a distributed network database to the center, is a large-scale writing tool in a completely open, peer-to-peer network conditions based on this. In the block chain development since 7 years, the technology is not only to achieve a leap forward development, its application is very drama expansion, extending from the initial bitcoin to finance, even to each field of the society, the wave of a new round of technological innovation is expected to expand, the prospect of technology of the light chain block. Intellectual property service.相关的主题文章: