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Internet-Marketing GVO The Opportunity A.A very frugal approach, Lets cover the costs. Join and take an insiders tour for two weeks for only $1.00. Are you an Internet Marketer? Can you make just one sale per week? Great! Make just two sales and you have covered your first months payment. Thats right. Make just two sales per month and with your earned .missions you will have covered the cost of all the web hosting youll ever want, plus the auto responder, plus audio and video conferencing, plus lead capture and list building and all of the rest of the suite of services to boot. After making only 20 sales and you will have earned $449.50 cash in your pocket and the continuing 5% over-ride will cover the monthly fee so any additional sales .missions will grow your earnings. B. A more realistic approach. Lets go for the gusto! Jump on this exciting opportunity with both feet and watch it be.e one of the best decisions youve made in your Internet Marketing career! Heres why. The .pensation plan is based on a Binary Hybred 2X10 Forced Matrix . This means that you and every other entrant will have two spots directly below you after you join, and each of those spots will have two spots below them and so on and so on. You earn 50% of the first months payment from each sale you make plus an on-going 5% over-ride for each succeeding month .To prevent the most successful sellers from hoarding the on-going over-ride all to themselves, after placing a person in each of the spots below them, they must place the remainder of their people below someone else resulting in a spill-over for those with open spots. Each matrix will contain a maximum of 2046 people when filled to ten levels deep. At this level, each matrix will earn nearly $4500.00 per month on-going, just from the 5% over-ride, based on a monthly fee of $44.95. Plus you get a second bonus of 20% on the earnings of your direct referrals down to the tenth level. Lets say that you have 4 direct referrals each making $5000.00 per month. From them you would earn an additional $4000.00 per month, making your monthly check $9500.00. Very nice! Will you recruit all 2046 people? Heck no. Every person recruited has to roll up their sleeves and start recruiting for themselves, thus helping to fill in your matrix. Do not count on spill-overs which are nice, but each sign-on has some responsibility to help carry the load. Lots of arms make the load much lighter. In order to participate in the potential earnings, each new recruit needs 2 new subscribers in order to participate down to their matrix level 5, 4 new subscribers to participate down to their matrix level 10 and 6 new subscribers to participate in the secondary bonuses such as the $4000.00 mentioned above. What if you want to carry on and expand further? After 14 directly sponsored sales, you are allowed to re-insert yourself into an empty spot and begin another matrix, thus greatly enhancing your earning power. Plus there are other lucrative bonuses which cover monthly contests. In all, over 80% of collected monthly fees are paid out as .missions and bonuses. The best news is that this program is just starting and early birds usually get the biggest worms. Why wouldnt you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity? Getting the top notch services you require plus on-going earning capabilities far beyond individual item sales is a big bonus! Other affiliate and personal item sales are still possible. So start building for and insuring your future now! Thank you for your time and interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: