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Had Pan Jinlian Potter, the story of grassroots [Abstract] indeed, every human nature to understand and grasp, if students have the time, do, is an outstanding person. But she is not afraid of hell for nothing, but only the most Ershiyuliang silver. Author: Yan Hong (Tencent · columnist; everyone) every first appearance is in the mouth of Pan Jinlian, she saw Wu Song with wudalai, rejoice greatly, said she had heard from the next king ganniang Wu Song feat, was also similar to the street to watch, went too late, no see, did not think the tiger hero is actually his uncle. In Pan Jinlian’s narrative, the king heard a lively ganniang quite normal, will join the hero, to see what is commonly referred to as Chigua masses, which always submerged in the public. She and Pan Jinlian are doing well, Pan Jinlian was not convenient for small things, she will ask the agent, such as Wu Song Pan Jinlian first day, a fire like he didn’t lost, Wuda bought fruit wine, please take care of every is packed up, end up. The snowy day, Pan Jinlian wanted to tease Wu Song, who is also the first carrier bought meat like, as you can imagine, this is every warm-hearted good talk, as we see an aunt who. The 1998 version of the TV series "the Water Margin" in the Li Mingqi Potter play if not there is an emergency, she will keep the image of life? And say that one person is walking in the street, suddenly got a pole, the rise was angry, discovery is an enchanting woman parabolic aerial, "he first half of the crisp, straight through the Java to anger, became a smiling face". Pan Jinlian apologized, Ximen Qing said it was, but the tea house Potter, standing in front of the water under the curtain, smiling with us: "he who teaches Guanren hit the roof down, just hit", was originally a little tense, because her smile, was introduced to many customs. Pan Jinlian took the pole down the curtain aside, Ximen Qing like a dog, turn around and around in her window. To sit in their own teahouse, laugh at him all upside down, when Ximen Qing finally stepped into the house, Wang began to close the net. Ximen Qing asked about the beauty who is the wife, Wang replied: "she is the five woman King Yama, the general’s daughter, ask her how?" She did not answer Ximen Qing’s question, Ximen Qing draws more impatient, originally ambiguous atmosphere becomes more ambiguous. Ximen Qing guess a few times guess, Wang revealed Wu Dalang’s wife. Ximen Qing surprised. Two people are not in this business at Ximen Qing, with every node in the money, but also every son to his employment, Wang thanked him, Ximen Qing went away, she is light, does not retain. What Ximen Qing will really go back again, he, Wang Poduan Ximen Qing Kwame Mei soup, soup well, she smiled and said: "she’ll do a lifetime of media", this is to help Ximen Qing ice. Is this kind of thing people coveted wife, Ximen Qing in the end can not say that two people have access, limited information exchange. The two day Ximen Qing and countless times, early, late, he was thinking of Pan Jinlian in the house downstairs, who remembers him.相关的主题文章: