Haier Marketing China to the world


current confidence as one of the hot words of the year has been given more meaning, more and more represents an organization dare to go beyond the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of subversion. For the China appliance industry for more than 30 years of development has experienced a transition from "no" to "yes", and in the scale to achieve the world’s first of many products manufacturing, but it does not bring confidence to the industry, because real confidence comes not from the size of the product, but the brand scale, not from imitation products, but "invention" products.

1 month 10 days, the world authoritative market research firm Euromonitor International (Euromonitor) formally signed the release of the world’s large household appliances survey report shows that in 2016 Haier large household appliances brand share accounted for 10.3% of the world, achieved eight consecutive. Compared to many titles with domestic enterprises, Haier won the gold brand global champion of the foot, which is not only the number of users on the accumulation of brand resources, but also means "Chinese brand" in the world really stand up.

world is not short of Chinese products, lack of Chinese brand

China has leapt to the world’s second largest economy, the total volume of imports and exports of goods is also ranked first in the world, made in China all over the world. Data show that 37% of the global export market to account for as early as 2014 China appliances exports, but to get a world recognized brand China is scanty, Chinese enterprises are facing a severe crisis of brand hollowing, most of the so-called "Chinese made" for overseas consumers just a product manufacturing dependency label however, the real impact of consumer behavior is the brand.

The most direct impact of the phenomenon of

is the product of premium decline, and even some enterprises completely reduced to foreign brands foundries, foundry products model means that enterprises completely lost the precious resources users, there is no chance and the overseas user dialogue. Big but not strong, the industry has become the biggest obstacle to the sustainable development of China’s household electrical appliance industry. In fact, as early as the enterprise realized the limitations of a single export earning, began to explore the road of brand innovation, Haier is one of the typical representative.

as early as more than 20 years ago, when Haier went out of the country on the choice of a difficult export licensing Road, and actively explore overseas to build a design, manufacture, marketing, Trinity of localization model. This is essentially in order to better meet the needs of local users differentiation, and the Haier brand into the local market system. At present, Haier "export brand" the seeds can not be ignored has grown into a towering trees, which were immersed in OEM mode in enterprises still prostrate on the ground, there is no contribution in the brand. Due to the appeal of the brand, the world’s more than and 160 countries and regions in which users choose Haier products, constantly refresh the global users for "China made" product awareness and enhance enterprise confidence at the same time, also indicates that the overall rise of Chinese industrial system.

world is not missing;