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The country’s first maglev Haier central air conditioning energy saving appliances — Metro – people.com.cn in early October, Qingdao subway line underground city by Yiqun maglev Haier central air-conditioning energy saving, not only solve the problem due to high traffic due to poor ventilation, air pollution, has achieved more than 50% energy saving system. This is the first country to use magnetic levitation central air-conditioning energy-saving transformation of the subway project, marking the transformation of the subway began to enter the era of Maglev central air-conditioning. Urban underground Yiqun in the last century at the beginning of 90s, two underground structure, above the front of the QingDao Railway Station square basement reserved passenger train station and subway passenger station channel. Limited space carrying a huge flow of people, while the holiday season, the peak of the distribution of work and the number of changes, which led to a large load of air conditioning, but also large fluctuations, rapid change. Haier maglev central air conditioning to achieve the required supply of cold and heat, according to different load requirements for the production of cold heat, to avoid excessive supply of waste, to achieve energy saving of more than 50%. For the public, the environment is also critical. "I don’t want to go underground mall, the smell, the smell is not comfortable. Underground space air circulation is generally not good, afraid of Qingdao subway station is also like this." With the opening of the subway, Ms. min citizens are looking forward to, but she was also worried about the air circulation problem of the subway. This fear is not surprising, because the subway station personnel density is too large, easy to bring the effect of poor ventilation to the subway station, which will make the subway station internal heat, smell and other issues. However, this series of problems have been resolved. Haier maglev central air conditioning system can provide fresh air, whether it is the peak of the rush hour or holidays, can bring fresh air. Also equipped with cloud intelligent services, central air conditioning can be automatically adjusted according to the flow of people, to ensure the precise control of temperature and humidity, and automatically start energy-saving and intelligent air treatment programs to ensure the health and comfort of air. In recent years, Haier has been in the area of Metro subway in Shenzhen is obvious to people performance, construction and construction of 1-5 line in the metro line, Haier central air-conditioning all participation, participation rate 100%; 5 subway lines in Beijing subway construction investment in 2009 Haier also achieved 100% full participation, to create the industry’s "double hundred the subway project", and become the central air-conditioning industry in the only award of the central air-conditioning equipment manufacturers. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, the domestic urban rail transit lines will reach 97, of which the use of Haier central air conditioning has nearly 50, Haier accounted for half of the country’s central air-conditioning market share. It is not difficult to foresee, along with the Qingdao subway project operation Yiqun magnetic conditioning, green, energy-saving concept will perfect the subway in Qingdao. Follow up, the Qingdao metro line one or two, vehicle segments and control centers and other projects will also be used in Haier maglev central air conditioning solutions. Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhuang Hongtao and Zhao Shuang)相关的主题文章: