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Korean brothers listed   150 thousand turbocharged small SUV contrast people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Korean brothers listed 150 thousand turbocharged small SUV contrast Objective: the full name of SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle, mean SUVs. Compared with general household car, SUV car can not only retain the maximum comfort, also has better driving vision and more spacious head space and a more powerful pavement performance, to better meet the demand for diversified people. Thanks to these advantages, more and more consumers choose to buy a medium-sized SUV as the main vehicle of the family of three. But for many young people just graduated from the campus, into the workplace, the higher the price of medium SUV, it is difficult for them to bear. In addition, for single people or a family of two, medium-sized SUV large space in the back and not their special care for themselves — don’t care too much about the selling point, but money is not worth it. In order to meet the needs of this part of the car, many car manufacturers have introduced a lower price, smaller size of small SUV. Compared to medium-sized SUV, small SUV can not only satisfy people’s daily travel city, but also retain the larger head space. In addition, due to the smaller body size and lightweight, small SUV often equipped with small displacement turbocharged engine, not only has a better performance in terms of fuel consumption, but also can enjoy the purchase tax cut policy, which has a higher price. In September this year, two car manufacturers from South Korea KIA and Hyundai, were launched models — KX3 and ix25 belong to small SUV, inject more fresh blood into the small SUV market competition. So these two cars in the end what kind of performance? In order to find out the answer to the question, we found the market on a high degree of concern about angkola and C3-XR and their comprehensive comparison, look at these four cars whose comprehensive strength is stronger. Price comparison model name MSRP (million) 2017 Dongfeng Yueda 1.6T KIA KX3 DCT proud of Ya edition 15.282016 Beijing ix25 1.6T modern DCT intelligent GLS 15.582016 SAIC Buick angkola 18T automatic two drive city of fashion 15.592015 Dongfeng Citroen C3-XR 1.6THP automatic 15.38 pioneer type love card network tab to make the comparison we are more fair, selected manufacturers four models in the guide price of similar cars were compared, they were 2017 Dongfeng Yueda KIA KX3 1.6T DCT proud of Ya version, 2016 Beijing ix25 1.6T modern DCT intelligent GLS, 2016 SAIC Buick ang Cara 18T automatic two drive type and 2015 Dongfeng fashion city Citroen C3-XR 1.6THP automatic pioneer type. Appearance contrast相关的主题文章: