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Hangzhou tonight rain Sunday wash bask in cold air go one after another to the wave of "green ants new grains wine, red small stove. Late day to snow, can drink a cup?" The sudden cold Hangzhou, between the cold rain and leaves, create a poetic, though not to snow, but Yellow Wine has warm, with a hot Hot pot, nice. Over the past few days, the cold air southward, the process of cooling more than 12 degrees Celsius accounted for nearly 40% of the land area, more than the daily temperature range to break the historical extreme. Yesterday, Hangzhou, the minimum temperature of 5.3 degrees, the daytime temperatures rise slowly, the body feels cold. Today, although it is rainy days, but the temperature is not low, between 6 -8 C. As temperatures rise slightly, also brought good news to clear the. The rain will gradually stop in the evening, Sunday to Monday, the temperature will rise slightly, sunny to cloudy, the highest temperature of 12 degrees -13 degrees, the minimum temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, the two day the sun will be better, for you wash the sun. Before the next wave of cold air as the overall power is still relatively weak, except Tuesday night there will be a short rain weather process, next Wednesday to next Friday is mainly cloudy weather, the weather is good, the highest temperature is 12 DEG -13 DEG -7 DEG C, 6 in the morning.相关的主题文章: