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BEJ48 first EP MV girl to show the vitality of the main Nanyin Intern Jin Xiwen Sina entertainment news September 6th, female idol group BEJ48 debuted the first original EP "vitality awakening" audio-visual share held in BEJ48 – EP theatre, the title song "MV" awakening vitality starting the whole network. The girls are singing and dancing on the stage, showing the vitality of the young girls in the media and fans. With the awakening of the vitality of the MV Trailer broadcast, BEJ48 players Duan Yixuan and Li Xiang as the day of the show will host the show, causing the fans are not a small sensation. BEJ48 debut only 4 months, but has accumulated a large number of loyal fans, the scene can also feel the enthusiasm of the fans are very enthusiastic. The awakening of the vitality of this song is to show the young girls unite as one, struggling and full of confidence in the vitality of the story. Attend the sharing of members are also filmed at the MV site to share the experiences and memories of fun, laughter attracted fans, is even more enthusiastic, collective booing jokes. MV members experienced "space-time conversion machine" changes after Na Zha or Huluva or other Haier has also become a focus of controversy in the joke. Members of the TeamB and TeamE EP were also brought in two new songs first performance — "Youth" and "with you side by side angel", fans follow the rhythm of the song Waving light sticks, shouting with rhythm from time to time. September 6th onwards, vitality awakening EP has been officially released. Share the scene also disclosed at the end of the BEJ48 is to carry out the original plan. (the Nanyin Intern Jin Xiwen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: