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Harbin enterprises began 18 days of heating try water home to keep people forget life daily news reporter from the September 19th Harbin heating company was informed that the date from 18 enterprises will gradually test the water pressure heat. Harbin heating do to remind the past testing period had occurred unattended leaking, and caused disputes. Residents see the water test notice, the family should be kept in accordance with the regulations, found leakage, the first time contact the maintenance personnel. In addition, the staff of several heating enterprises said that the old district and the long uninhabited rooms are prone to leaking, the need to focus attention. According to the heating enterprise technical personnel, the water test before the hot enterprises will notice about a week before the notice, and inform the water test time. People should stay at home during the test, focusing on each interface there is no leakage, such as heating, once the ground is wet traces that heat pipe is likely to leak. Found that the heating pipe drip water situation, can be used cloth, plastic bags temporarily bundled, closed the interior valve. Wait for professional technicians to repair, do not self repair. If there is no one in the home, we should entrust the neighbors or inform the heating enterprise in time, leave the contact telephone, so as to meet the unexpected situation and deal with it in time. In addition, thermal companies customer service staff said that not more than one old residential households, a heating cycle over uninhabited houses, prone to leaking. At the same time, the new household heating users due to changes in pressure, leaking probability is larger, the need to focus attention.

哈尔滨热企18日开始供暖试水 市民家中勿忘留人   生活报9月19日讯 记者从哈市各供暖企业获悉,从18日起热企将逐步进行试水打压。哈市供热办提醒,以往试水期都曾因无人看管发生跑冒滴漏情况,并造成纠纷。居民看到试水通知后家中要按规定留人,发现渗漏第一时间联系维修人员。此外,几家供暖企业工作人员表示,老旧小区和长期无人居住的空房容易发生跑冒滴漏,需重点留意。   据供暖企业技术人员介绍,试水打压前热企会提前一周左右张贴通知,并告知试水时间。在试水期间居民家中应该留人,重点观察各个接口有没有渗漏情况,如是地暖,一旦地面有阴湿痕迹,说明地热管很有可能出现渗漏。发现供暖管道有滴水情况后,可用布、塑料袋等暂时捆绑,关闭室内阀门。等待专业技术人员来抢修,不要自行维修。如家中无人,应及时委托邻居或告知供暖企业,留下联系电话,以便遇到突发情况能及时应对。   另外,热企客服人员表示,未分户老旧住宅、超过一个供暖周期以上无人居住的房屋,容易发生跑冒滴漏。同时,新分户供暖的用户因压力变化,跑冒滴漏发生概率也较大,需重点留意。相关的主题文章: