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Harbin three minors to carry slingshot 3 months hit 50 cars three teenagers are looking for targets of crime. Part of the stolen goods after smashing cars stolen. The police for the film midnight carrying slingshots took to the streets, as long as the car has just smashed the windows of stolen property. 3 suspects in 3 months after the arrest of the more than and 50 cars to be startled at police, they actually only 15 years old. The early morning of October 28th, a number of smashed cars theft Pingfang District Gabriel District, Dongan has more than ten Ming Yuan Xiao Qu, household car windows smashed, the car stolen items. Cottage Public Security Bureau task force investigators retrieved the surveillance video surrounding the incident found that the suspects are three thin man, wearing masks. By tracking surveillance images, the police found three people are more than the previous night from the Shuangcheng district car arrived in the cottage area, the first one in the Internet cafe to play in the middle of the night, on the morning of October 28th to find the target on the street in the morning of 7. They used a flashlight off street parking the car has no package or other property, if there are things with slingshots firing ball, hit the window of a small hole, and then pull the fingers into a large cave, and opens the door and stole property. After committing the crime, three people live in a small hotel, the next day to return to Shuangcheng. In October 29th, the cottage police will three suspects have been arrested, let the police surprise, three people are only 15 years old, and from the beginning of August this year, has hit more than and 50 cars stolen valuables inside the car in the city, involving a few million, not including the vehicle damage caused to the victim. Three people are single parent families, has long been out of school, parents in addition to a small amount of monthly living expenses are not too concerned about their lives. Usually they wander in the Shuangcheng District, the day of the crime by long-distance bus to the urban cafe to kill time, the streets in the middle of the night, the next day to return to Shuangcheng. A person to start committing the crime, the other two people in the car before and after the lookout, then split the money. Because three people are minors, not to be able to carry out criminal punishment of the age, the police ordered their parents to bring them home supervision. (source: Harbin News Network – new evening news) (author: Cheng Chi reporter Wang Xiao)相关的主题文章: