Haze on the health impact of how much Mao Qunan said it is too early to draw conclusions

haze really harmful to health, how it is harmful to health? Recently, the national health and Family Planning Commission organized experts held a forum on the media, the hot issues of public concern.

national health and Family Planning Commission, the Secretary for the promotion of long hair group first clarified: at present, our country does not prove that the haze and the incidence of benign and malignant tumors clinical research conclusions and relevant statistical data. Haze on health hazards, especially in the long term, the impact on the body in the end how much, now the conclusion is too early."

it is understood that the national health and Family Planning Commission in 2013 began to carry out health monitoring of air pollution monitoring project, the project has covered 31 provinces and cities nationwide, the 60 cities of the 125 monitoring points. From the monitoring situation, the recent concentration of air pollutants in major cities in northern China than in the same period in 2013 to reduce the number of medical institutions did not change significantly.


, China CDC environmental institute director Shi Xiaoming also gave his own master data, the monitoring data of Beijing city in 2016 12 at the end of the show, the monitoring results of the harmful composition in the haze compared to 2013 decreased significantly, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide decreased. Monitoring also showed that with the increase in the concentration of pollution, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases in the door and emergency volume has increased, but the increase is not great.

but, for the real existence of our winter haze, shouldn’t we do something protective measures? Wang Yu China CDC director said that from the haze risk assessment on the health effects of indoor air, the concentration of PM2.5 is safe in 75, induced fewer health problems; sensitive individuals have pregnant women, children and people with chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases when the concentrations of PM2.5 in indoor air should as far as possible reduced to below 35.

data show that indoor installation of air purifier is effective. Some purifiers in the daily confined space can generally reduce the PM2.5 to 50% to about 70%. However, any air purification device for the purification of pollutants are targeted, different principles of air purification technology has certain advantages, but there are limitations. When the family to buy air purification equipment, we must first determine the purpose of purification, if the main pollutants for haze PM2.5, to choose an effective purifier PM2.5. It is good for the health of the students to use the air purifier in heavy pollution weather, but should be guided by professional and technical personnel. Highly closed classroom, if only in the indoor placement of air purifiers, although it may play a filtering effect on the PM2.5, but the indoor air oxygen content reduction, adverse to the health of students. If there are conditions, it should be appropriate to complement the filtered, clean fresh air, so that children can have enough fresh oxygen use, and the use of a fresh air filter system;