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Hebei boy found no longer life fall well the characteristics of the local comprehensive investigation of dry – Beijing November 6th morning 11 am, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun 6 year old boy Zhao Zicong, followed his father into the ground in Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped 40 meters dry. November 10th at 10:40 or so, which lasted 107 hours, Zhao Zicong was finally found. According to rescue workers, Zhao Zicong was found to keep the head up, feet down posture. Unfortunately, the medical experts confirmed the scene, Zhao Zicong has no vital signs. Rescue 107 hours later, the boy was found at 10:40 on November 10th or so, the long silence of the rescue scene suddenly appeared a commotion. Waiting for a long time, people found that the medical staff stopped at the scene rushed to the rescue of the core area. Hundreds of people waiting for news of the child suddenly had hope. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from a rescue department, has been found at the bottom of the bottom of a well pipe bottom boy Zhao Zicong. The rescue workers told reporters BYD, open the last section of tube wells, rescuers finally found the boy. Close to 11 in the evening, Zhao Zicong’s parents were taken into the rescue core area, shortly after the rescue workers out of the people have been waiting for the Zhao Zicong. When the ambulance take a child, all vehicles are excavators, forklifts and other Ming played a whistle, sending Zhao Zicong final journey. Since then, the rescue vehicles began to trickle away from the scene. When fighting for a few days and a few nights to leave the excavator, the boy’s grandfather Zhao Zicong kneeling on the roadside, to express their sincere gratitude to people. Around 11 pm, Lixian County County issued "on the rescue of Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Village wells in the children’s work briefing" on the situation, according to the rescue work of the deputy commander Wu Sujie, through the efforts of Hebei, Lixian County Zhao Zicong has found children fall into a well, but unfortunately, after medical experts confirmed that the child has no signs of life. BYD reporter learned that the boy was found when the position is on the head, feet down. Wu Sujie said, the dry well Zhao Zicong falling in the last century at the end of 90s, a joint venture built by several families, was used for irrigation. When the well dried up, people placed cover at the wellhead, but did not know when to be removed. At present, the local government has investigation within the county dry, in addition, caused the rescue of the pit of the position of the farmers cultivated land, rehabilitation work will be followed by. 165 cars more than 500 people in the rescue of Lixian County County bulletin describes in detail the whole incident, November 6, 2016 at 11:30 in the morning, Lixian County Bao Xu Xiang Meng Changcun villagers Zhao Xiangyang led the daughter and son, is falling boy Zhao Zicong, to dig in the cabbage, the child in the process of playing, accidentally fell into the abandoned wells in. After the incident, Zhao Xiangyang call 110, and to help the village "two committees". After receiving the alarm, police and fire personnel and village cadres rushed to the scene, rescue. Throughout the rescue process, a total of more than and 100 machines were sent out to dig out a total of 20 Lin Lin相关的主题文章: