Hebei more than 20 families to perform non genetic techniques and inheriting the traditional culture winfast

Hebei more than 20 families perform skill adhere to traditional cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage – the new network for family members to perform together "beiwangcun hand fist" Gao Hongchao photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang, August 26, (Gao Hongchao Yuan Xiaobu), blowing song pendant opera and Jingxing Lahua, Jinzhou ditty, martial arts, folk magic…… The 26 day, held in Hebei province Shijiazhuang City Art Museum of the "most beautiful China dream — the first capital of family cultural performances, full of local flavor of the intangible cultural heritage show debut. In particular, the performers from more than 20 families, they are not husband and wife, is a father and son, or a family of three. "Beiwangcun readily fist" is spread in Hebei province Zhaoxian County beiwangcun area boxing, has a history of hundreds of years of tradition. On the day of the show, 60 year old Zhang and his uncle, brother, son, grandson and other family members came together to perform, won warm applause. Zhang Huanzhao said that he was practicing "beiwangcun hand fist", and now the fist to teach children, both physical fitness and exercise will, love children very much. In order to encourage and guide the traditional culture into the family life, guided by the Hebei Provincial Department of culture, the intangible cultural heritage protection center of Hebei Province, the Shijiazhuang Museum of art, the City Art Museum, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei province Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center Co sponsored the "most beautiful dream Chinese – the first capital of family cultural activities. According to reports, exhibitions and activities began in July, is divided into four sections, to learn to speak, learn, learn to sing, play and learn the "outstanding intangible cultural heritage, show the traditional culture into modern life vigor and vitality. Activities received a total of more than 100 entries and crafts works. The selection, performance to tell the story of the Zhang Caicai family and the Lei Xintang family performing martial arts and other 11 families was "Heritage Award", performing folk trick Guo Yanqing family of 5 family show "style award", performing traditional brass rubbing the Liu Xiufeng family of 8 families was a prize". Organizers said that this event to show the popularity and spread the excellent traditional culture, content rich and active cultural life of the people, advocate a civilized, healthy and scientific way of life, to promote Chinese culture to the development of innovative and creative transformation, to make the traditional culture and modern life to adapt, in harmony with modern civilization, the traditional to develop and promote cultural value. (end)相关的主题文章: