Hebi two vehicles have spontaneous combustion car fortunately escape marie digby

Hebi two vehicles have the car spontaneous combustion fire brigade emergency escape fortunately fighting – reporter Gu Wumin correspondent Ann Lijun intern goofy Ventura newspaper Hebi news recently, Hebi there were two consecutive spontaneous combustion accident vehicles, vehicle safety problems caused by the great discussion. The evening of September 19th at about 10:30 in the eastern section of Kyushu road Qibin District, a modified natural gas car driving on the way to sudden spontaneous combustion. In September 20th, around 5 pm, located in the 107 sections of the Qihe bridge Qibin district a truck, the front was engulfed in flames, smoke billowing, fortunately no casualties. Car "back" tank before, after the fire and escape the female owner in late September 19th at about 10:30 in the eastern section of Kyushu road Qibin District, a modified natural gas car is generally swallowed, the flame is rising, it is dazzling, accompanied by burning crackling sound, triggered a panic around the masses. It is understood that the owners of a middle-aged woman, the night alone, driving a car with a modified natural gas car, traveling to the middle of the road Kyushu Qibin District Municipal Government East Gate 100 meters, the car was found abnormal, quickly pull over, off to see the front engine cover have flames coming out, and the times of the police and quickly away from the body. The fire was so rapid that it immediately surrounded the whole body. Then rushed to the fire officers and soldiers and police, immediately on the scene to guard against passing vehicles passing in order to avoid accidents, and quickly launched the fire fighting, cooling on the vehicle cylinders. After more than and 10 minutes of emergency fire fighting at the scene, the fire was successfully extinguished. But the car was almost completely burned basket case. According to the fire officers and men, according to the scene view, the cause of the vehicle was initially identified as a vehicle modification of natural gas caused by improper use, but the specific cause of the fire also needs further investigation. The aging is directly caused by the truck caught fire, rescue in September 20th near misses about 5 pm, 107 friends broke the Qihe bridge and a van spontaneous combustion. When reporters arrived, the fire has been extinguished fire officers and soldiers, traffic recovery, passing the normal passage of vehicles. Reporters on the scene saw the truck front unrecognizable, paint burned half, charred body shell melts, various lines are exposed, and the windshield glass cab door was burned, a compartment after a tire was badly burned. According to the driver, he was driving on highway 107 at the time, suddenly smelled like a burning smell, then smoke coming out, quickly put the car parked on the side of the bridge, open the case cover to take fire extinguisher, but just open the case cover, the fire came out. Then the driver called the police, but the fire is too large, less than ten minutes before and after the fire on the cab. Fortunately, firefighters arrived in time to put out the fire, or the car will be scrapped directly." The car ignition event professionals to remind It is often seen. youzhuodian with the development of society, the number of vehicles is rapidly rising year by year, but the car spontaneous combustion event It is often seen. Then Dahe newspaper reporter visited the professionals, the reasons are divided into two cases, one is the steering wheel under the control circuit spontaneous combustion, and the other is the engine.相关的主题文章: