Heilongjiang 67 thousand applicants for the number of master’s degree of innovation 2017 mfcclub.net

Heilongjiang 67 thousand people apply for 2017 graduate record high number of newspaper news (reporter Wang Qing) reporter 25 from Heilongjiang province was informed that the hospital entrance examination in 2017, I research postgraduate admission unified national entrance examination registration work has been completed. The province’s total enrollment of 67189 people, an increase of more than last year, an increase of 10544, an increase of 18. 6%. The largest number of applicants for the province over the past year. Among them, the national examination candidates recommended exemption candidates 53117 people, 3522 people, a separate examination of 236 people, 8101 people management exam, the entrance exam of master of laws in 2177, the army plans to 36 people. Candidates in the candidates, 40189 college graduates, accounting for the total number of applicants for the total number of 59. 8%, non fresh graduates of 27000 people, accounting for the total number of applicants for the total number of 40. 2%. The main reason for the surge in the number of our province, from the beginning of this year in the original student entrance exam into the national examination management, "postgraduate" to "part-time graduate", the academic degree certificate from the original only awarded the degree certificate (documents to the award) Diploma and degree certificate (double certificate), which makes many workers are encouraged to register. Candidates in the province, there are 6289 candidates for part-time. It is reported that the graduate admissions unified national entrance examination, will be held on December 24th to 26. Candidates in the period December 15th to 26 during the online print "ticket".相关的主题文章: