Heilongjiang, a candidate admission notice was invalid the Ministry of education involved in pretty rhythm

Heilongjiang examinee admission notice is invalid   the Ministry of Education — Investigation Education — people.com.cn original title: Heilongjiang examinee admission notice was investigated according to Chinese the voice of "news" reported that the Ministry of education in the void, two days, Chinese sound of continuous attention happened in Heilongjiang with the college entrance examination admission notice is invalid event. Heilongjiang college entrance examination candidates Xiao Yang, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts received the admission notice, but Heilongjiang province Zhaoban told, because the provincial exam scores did not pass, his admission notice void. Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, said the admission notice compliance effective. The families questioned, if not, why can the successful examination, registration, examination, Toudang, was successfully admitted. The latest news is that the Ministry of education to investigate the matter. "Review: admission notice by the provincial admissions invalid" continued: three audit did not appear unqualified > > college entrance recruiting candidates work requires multiple departments layers of review, which in the end is a step wrong? Get the admission notice, but also void it? What kind of art need through the provincial exam? This is the focus of the provincial admissions and their parents argue. So, what is the provincial exam? Heilongjiang, a local art college entrance examination training institutions teacher explained that the province entrance exam art art examinee need to participate in the Heilongjiang province (also called the provincial exam), after the exam, there are some professional needs of the province entrance examination over the line, do not need some professional. But Heilongjiang does not have a very clear definition. However, Heilongjiang province Zhaoban apparently do not think their requirements are not clear, in the opinion of the provincial admissions, the fine arts class through the provincial examination, this is written into the file in the province zhaoban. Art belongs to the art class, therefore, Yang took the art, whether through the provincial examination, is self-evident: "art regardless of the test what, must comply with state regulations, must have the certificate exam. Luxun Academy of Fine Arts is impossible to go, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts did not accept the art certificate accepted art class, the Ministry of education will soon be processed". Reporter inquires the Ministry of education in 2012 edition of the ordinary university undergraduate professional directory, in the art category, and there is no art class, and only fine arts class. In art class, including painting, sculpture, photography, and Yang took the other four professional art. Xiao Yang’s mother Ms. Fu believes that the provincial admissions about art class must through the province, saying, "vulnerability more like a sieve": if the arts and fine arts class is a class, so the class have four professional all provincial exam. In the four class, painting and sculpture is the need for examination of the province, photography is not required examination of the province. (province Zhaoban) Tian teacher told Ms. Fu said "if you offer photography is good, do not need to provincial exam results. Ms. Fu said, to say the least, even if the art requires provincial exam scores, then why in the provincial admissions registration, Yang participated in the examination stage, Toudang multiple stages do not point out, but when the child was enrolled, said Yang must through the provincial exam? Personnel work manages a province in Miss Fu’s dialogue can be heard on)相关的主题文章: