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Henan express industry is actively preparing for the 11 week is expected to double Zhengzhou express 80 million – reporter Zhao Liwen once a year with "double 11" is approaching, the express industry entered the peak period. November 1st, the reporter with the Zhengzhou Municipal Postal Administration staff visited to see, at present, various courier companies are actively preparing for the double 11". Zhengzhou double 11 express within a week is expected to reach 80 million according to statistics, the provincial capital of Zhengzhou express business volume accounted for more than 52% of the province’s total business volume this year has exceeded the 300 million mark. Therefore, it is expected that in the province of Zhengzhou during the double 11 incremental express will be the most. According to the Zhengzhou postal service market supervision department deputy director Zhang Huitao is expected this year, the "double 11" within a week from November 11th to 17, Zhengzhou City Express handling capacity will reach 80 million, the highest daily processing capacity will exceed 12 million. At present, courier companies have felt the advent of the season, there are different degrees of increase in business. At the Henan University of Economics and Law, the school is responsible for the express delivery business Shang Yantao told reporters that the current school every day from the daily express the amount of five thousand or six thousand increased to seven thousand or eight thousand, is expected to "double 11" during the day, there will be 15 thousand to 20 thousand. We are currently sending and receiving nearly 700 thousand daily mail, is expected to ‘double’ during the period will reach 1 million 500 thousand pieces in the period of 11." BES Express Henan branch operation Department responsible Li Bendu said. Rhyme delivery Henan branch is expected, their daily amount for a day to send and receive 3389, "double 11" period or will be increased to 60000 pieces. The industry is widely expected, double 11 period, the courier industry will focus on showing a rapid growth in the volume of business, at least 1 times more than the amount of business. Express intelligent distribution of the last mile problem this year, many courier companies to enable intelligent production lines to deal with the arrival of the double 11. Branch of Zhengzhou transit center in BES Express Henan, the reporter saw the storm automatic sorting system of the company enabled, when express through the system scan in the sorting line, in accordance with the end address automatically enter into different bags. According to reports, this automatic sorting system combines big data analysis, cloud computing, intelligent terminal, image processing and so on, the parcel sorting accuracy from the manual sorting of 80% increased to more than 99.9%, 3 times to enhance the effectiveness of sorting. Invest 25 million yuan rhyme delivery Henan branch introduced two sets of matrix type semi automatic sorting equipment, the processing capacity of up to 50%, large processing speed reached 18 thousand hours, small processing speed reached 48 thousand hours. In Henan finance and economics university campus, the introduction of the third party branch in Henan fuchuang technology company, established 3 kilometer logistics service center, unified installation of smart courier cabinet, batch batch delivery, unpacking, function key box, solve the express last mile delivery problem.相关的主题文章: