Heroes day dragon martial arts – Jiang hit save entertainment Sohu change danger into safety e2140

"Heroes" day dragon martial arts – Jiang hit save Jiang dragon entertainment Sohu change danger into safety "Heroes day" from Sohu by Sohu and the flying fish video entertainment news entertainment CO produced a large network drama "Heroes day" since the line since its launch, the humor story, brain hole wide open line to attract a large audience. The drama directed by Hongkong director Liang Guoguan, Jiang Long, Wen Wen and Liu Shuai power generation of fresh flowers and a number of comedy starring big coffee to join, including the strength of the actors, Korean actor Cui Chengguo Law Ka Ying. It is worth mentioning that the drama starring Jiang Long, by virtue of the solid performance of the great strength of the circle. "Heroes day" this drama is mainly about the live arena Street film young Liu Ritian (Jiang Longshi), the day on film and sell dish for a living, because of an accident, through to the ancient martial arts, in the ancient and modern crisis in between to achieve personal growth, and eventually become a generation of heroes. In the new story, Liu Ritian (Jiang Longshi) experienced martial arts crisis, seeing his men die but incapable of action, and then meet the world outside expert to learn a skill to open and save martial arts heroes mode from the mire. This time, Jiang did not like the usual funny sell Meng, but the confusion of Liu Ritian, thinking and guilt interpretation of the most vividly, the rich inner feelings of the change in the interpretation of the more vivid in the interpretation of Jiang Long Liu Ritian. Was already in the "legend", Feiyunjiang "in 81", "2", "dark" Ding did not know about you "Westward Journey of love you ten thousand years" and many other popular TV dramas welcomed Jiang Long, will be in the "Heroes" in the day to a wonderful, next, long Jiang how to save the martial arts, we will wait and see.相关的主题文章: