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"Hide and seek" the director responded to nine questioning: a remake of innocence Sina entertainment news directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin, Qian Wan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starring, especially in spring and summer, Dong Zijian [micro-blog] friendship appeared in the movie "hide and seek" being aggressively. After the release of the film caused a lot of controversy, the director for the evaluation of the scene, the 9 question focuses on the answer. 1, in the film the audience to remake scepticism today, why choose this as you rush into danger rescreens the commercial type of film to test for water? Personality, work in film 20 years, never did catch up with the trend of things, I love love challenges, in fact, upstream, a remake of innocence, viewers is the low level of replication is crudely made. We do not cut corners with profound respect and humility conscientiously, trying to absorb the original good things, strive to do better, I think in my mind there is a remake of the quality acceptance we try. 2, have seen "movie" hide and seek "fans reflect this edition adapted smaller efforts? What’s the difference between this and the filming process, what adjustments are made in this edition? "Hide and seek" seen "fans hope Chinese version is much higher than the Korean version of the mood adaptation, I understand. Since the release, there are fans attacked we basically didn’t change, is the copy paste, is copied, there is the issue of attitude and moral, I explain: (1) the purchase is a remake of the remake rights international rules can be adapted or big or small or not, sometimes let out will limit your copyright the adaptation, if you change the LOW, so this is not plagiarism. (2) the majority of the audience did not see the Korean version of China, and because of the cultural relationship is not, therefore, I think for the adaptation and adaptation is not necessary, the excellent part of the original don’t have to change in order to highlight the different, we only meet the conditions China local adaptation and efforts to modify the original BUG tablets, only to change we think we can do it better place, the other is not in our attention, so this is why even some clothing is very similar to no mind, one of the best China version of "we can do" to hide and seek in the Chinese audience is our goal, I hope it is an international the quality of the standard type of film. China version of "hide and seek" has sold the film including the world’s major powers in more than and 50 countries and regions, a remake to have such a performance, is the best proof of our quality. (3) we do the localization transformation, mainly on the social background and the relationship between the characters in Korean, the actor is the adopted child, the adoptive parents framed son rape, seize the parents legacy, I think this setting does not meet the Chinese conditions, first in China, the adoption is not universal, secondly, because the son committed a crime and the legacy left son is not credible. Also, I can’t accept that the hero in my film is so vicious, and the most important thing is that I can’t imagine the embarrassment and clearance of those kind of adoptive families when they see the movie. So, we changed to: the actor is because the elder brother has相关的主题文章: