High blood pressure is because too much blood, put a little blood can buck it

winter is a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, especially in patients with hypertension, with blood pressure fluctuations, and a wave of rumors began to spread.

, how much have you heard?

ancestral old Chinese medicine bloodletting therapy.

high blood pressure is too much blood, put some of the blood out, blood pressure naturally down.

blood donation can lower blood pressure.

anemia will not get high blood pressure.

it seems plausible that the "theory", why do they say it is a rumor? That is because, want to rely on blood step-down, too difficult!

How much amount of blood in the body is

and blood pressure, blood volume when less blood pressure may be low, but this does not mean that we can treat hypertension by way of bloodletting.

what kind of blood can reduce blood pressure?

if you really want to lower blood pressure by bloodletting, must meet two conditions:

why bloodletting faster?

were faster, because our body is a whole, when the human blood loss, we will feel thirsty to drink water, will take the initiative to supplement the lost blood volume.

blood speed if not fast enough, put out the blood through the water, eat up. For a long time, most will cause chronic anemia, leading to a decline in the quality of blood, but does not cause blood pressure decline.

why to bleed?

blood more, because our vessels although it seems to be a pipe, but in fact it is alive.

when it feels that the blood volume is reduced, it is contracted to narrow the lumen to compensate for the loss of blood volume. Only when a large number of blood loss is more than its ability to shrink, there will be a decline in blood pressure.


really do bleed more quickly, what will happen? Think about having children TV bleeding scene, people die!

in blood is not a reliable, unreliable and difficult to grasp the "degree" of antihypertensive treatment method.

the same reason, blood donation can not lower blood pressure, according to regulations, blood pressure is lower than the normal standard, can not donate blood.

anemia people will get high blood pressure

anemia is not to say that the blood is less, is mainly said that the quality of blood is poor, the popular saying is that blood thinning;