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Hilary Trump faces a significant advantage in early voting Siqi " "? Some states in the United States have entered the general election in advance of the voting stage, the initial voting results show that the Democratic candidate Hilary, in a number of battleground states, the lead in the first time in the first half of the year, the u.s.. Republican presidential candidate Donald? Trump is not willing to sit still, urging supporters to go to the polls to supervise, prevent fraud. However, the Democrats have been in a number of States to the court of the Republican Party, accusing the latter nominally supervise the vote, in fact, coercion, intimidation voters. The Republicans identified Democrats in the show". "[Hilary] a stroke above 37 states" to allow voters to vote in person or by mail to vote in advance, now more than 27 million people have completed the early voting, voting rate is much higher than the 2012 election. Statistics show that 1 of the The Associated Press, Hilary in Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, several battleground states "a stroke above". Texas voters showed great enthusiasm for early voting, more than 1/4 of eligible voters voted to break the previous record. The latest polls show that although Trump is in a leading position, but Hilary is gradually narrowing the gap. University of Houston political science professor Brandon Luo Ting? Moorhouse believes that although Hilary is unlikely to win in Texas, but compared with the previous Democratic presidential candidate, Hilary in Texas to "lose face" may be "much smaller". "It’s a success for the Democrats, because it will help them in the future". "Supervision" or "rogue"? Trump has called on supporters to go to some areas as a voting supervisor to prevent election fraud. In Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, the Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit to the court, accused of premeditated Republicans on election day at a polling station in the bullying, harassment, intimidation, and wants the court to take measures to prevent the potential threat of Republican voters. Alexis, a Democrat in Arizona, said Democrats were worried that the Republican "rogue" would scare voters away. The Democratic Party said in a lawsuit, the Trump campaign team and its supporters are organizing a citizen reporter or vote supervisor in November 8th polling day impact of the polling station. The Democratic Party filed a federal lawsuit in Ohio, accused Trump and Republicans plan to intimidate voters and prevent minority voters vote. The Ohio Republican Party spokesman Warner said in response, Brittany? This accusation is the Democratic Party in the "show", the Republicans did not intimidate voters. Democrats have been indicted as well as senior Republican election experts Roger – Stone. He told the The Associated Press reporter said, he led the organization to guard against fraud will not cooperate with the Trump campaign or any Republican official organization, but poll after the vote, the poll results and statistical counting system were compared, in order to determine whether the election is "real public and provide the evidence base". [Trump game was "checkmate"? )])相关的主题文章: