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With 40 billion 100 million   cash; financial record will continue to increase land reserves — real estate — people.com.cn original title: holding 40 billion 100 million financial record will continue to increase land reserves in August 30th, SUNAC Chinese (01918.HK) released 2016 interim report. Data show that in the first half the company achieved operating income of 10 billion 586 million yuan, an increase of 94.5%; total sales of $56 billion 50 million, an increase of 106%. As of June 30th, SUNAC China achieved sales of land reserves and double growth, financing costs are significantly reduced to 40 billion 100 million yuan, the company retains the final cash reserves, and sales value of 168 billion yuan. In the interim results conference, Wang Mengde, executive director and chief executive officer of China, said the financial record in 2016 will exceed 110 billion yuan sales target. Announcement shows that the first half of the financial record sales contract mainly from Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other original core city group; Chengdu, Wuxi, new Hefei, Suzhou and other second tier core city also began to enter the sales period, the market share of each city to further improve. Among them, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuxi, Shanghai, the local sales ranked champion; Hangzhou, Ji’nan three city market share is located in the city before five. In the first half of 2016, the average price of China’s economic contract sales price of 20030 yuan per square meter, the highest price for domestic TOP20 real estate companies in the enterprise. At the same time, the rapid growth in sales also make the industry to further enhance the ranks of the record. According to China real estate information group jointly issued by China’s real estate evaluation center ranked data show that in the first half of 2016, China’s domestic real estate sales jumped eighth. The report shows that the second half of its financial record of 28 new projects will be the first release in third, the 42 quarter, new sales volume of about 40 billion 300 million; in addition to the original project, this year the sale of resources of about 168 billion yuan, a record high. Wang Mengde said that it is expected to be completed in September, the target of 80 billion yuan, the amount of sales this year will exceed $110 billion, look at a number of second tier cities in the future market prospects. In terms of profits, as of June 30th, the financial record of China achieved operating profit of 1 billion 406 million yuan, representing an increase of $127.5% in the same period in 2015. Excluding the impact of provision for impairment of property and other factors, the company gross margin in the first half of 20.9%. SUNAC said the company’s multiple luxury Series in National City placement, makes the company’s products added value is higher than the industry average, which also lay the foundation for the company’s future to obtain higher gross margin. In view of the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate risk exposure faced by overseas bonds, as well as the low cost of domestic financing combined factors, creating a capital increase in China’s capital operation this year. On the one hand, the redemption of overseas high-yield bonds, on the other hand, the issuance of RMB bonds interest, making the company financing cost is greatly reduced. In January 7th this year, the financial record of China announced the early redemption of the principal amount of $400 million in the maturity of the outstanding notes due in 2017, after the year of June, 8)相关的主题文章: