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"Holmes 3" officially launched the five writers lineup – Sohu entertainment five Hollywood gold medal screenwriter collective as "Holmes 3" script Sohu entertainment news entertainment news (the Sohu Da son) famous director Guy Ricci directed action of blockbuster "Holmes 2" (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), who in 2011 Christmas received very good results at the box office, after a lapse of six years, the latest sequel to "Holmes 3" and the official opening of the preparatory work. Although Pepo Robert, the hero of the film, is about to start the of the Avengers, he has paid much attention to the "Holmes’s 3", which is the most important part of the film, which is called "the union of the Avengers", which is about to begin with "the Avengers", which is about 3. As one of the producers, and he has built up with Warner Bros. super screenwriter team, the five Hollywood gold medal screenwriter collective for the film script creation: "the Milky Way guard" Nick Pullman "Baywatch"; Justin Malone; the "Star Wars Episode" Gary "the new tomb weta; the Raider" Jiniwa – multidimensional Bridget Robinson; and "Snowden" by Fitzgerald cellan. In early 2014, "Holmes 3" has been put on the agenda for Warner was invited, who wrote "Iron Man 3" – Drew Pearce (Drew Pearce) penned the script, but because the project has not started, so eventually there was a big shake lineup of writers. Holmes series is one of the most recent fire in Hollywood in recent years, one of the top brands, the world’s total box office more than 500 million u.s.. Guy Ricci not only for their own hit a nice turnaround, but also let the actor Holmes Pepo Robert Donny to become more red, and Jude Rockwell (Jude Law) Dr. Wahson play also let its own business to maintain a stable level. In view of the popularity of the film, "Holmes 2" can not lose the remarkable achievements made in the third Warner preparatory department. According to the foreign media to disclose the information, "Holmes 3", the cast and the director are likely to keep warm, but the story will be adapted from which the original and specific release time, temporarily can make nothing of it. But Donny also said that the third set should be the best series of movies, the first two episodes just introduced the and Wahson, the pattern of the third will be greater. The film is expected to launch in 2018 in North American cinemas. Pepo Robert Donny will be in February next year officially entered the "script" Avengers 3, continue to play the famous iron man, according to the shooting schedule, "Holmes 3" is likely to start in the second half of next year.相关的主题文章: