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Home Furnishing successor — you do not know the story of two generations of new Home Furnishing Home Furnishing industry has entered the upgrading transformation period, the change of thinking: the traditional thinking and thinking of the Internet has Home Furnishing combined, forming a "new field of Internet Home Furnishing"; change Home Furnishing demand for products, a dozen years ago, Home Furnishing products focus on practicality, now fusion, design and Home Furnishing space products, has become the primary needs of consumers to buy goods. The younger consumer groups, 80, 90 consumer demand changes, prompting changes in the home industry, household products innovation. In advocating the era of change and innovation, the influx of a number of fresh home industry, for the home industry to inject vitality, so that the home business to younger. This batch of fresh blood, they exposed Home Furnishing senior artisan spirit, they dare to spell, a unique idea of Home Furnishing industry, they are a new generation of Home Furnishing successor. When older people Home Furnishing take a back seat, a new generation of Home Furnishing successor gradually took on the stage of history, how they will inherit the father’s idea of how to inherit Home Furnishing culture? How to prove their efforts to establish a new model of the home industry. To this end, Sina home special planning home heirs – you do not know the story of the new generation of home two".   the theme of the Forum: the new two generation time Home Furnishing story Home Furnishing successor — activities that you do not know: September 12, 2016 at 15:00 Venue: Jimei Dahongmen shop Home Furnishing host unit: Sina Home Furnishing     forum topic? Inherits the father (mother) the beginning of the heart and power industry?   grow flowers in the greenhouse, inheritance a new generation in the face of doubts how to deal with?   "collision" and "old" thinking, which will impact on the Home Furnishing spark?   the understanding of the industry and the development trend in the future?   inheritance significance and effect with the   invited guests Liu Zhiping, executive president of Jimei Zhao Jing group, Jimei holding group vice president Liu Chengkuan, outside the city Home Furnishing Plaza general manager Dai Minhao, general manager of Yang Fan yameite furniture, The Milky Way CEO Yang Yuan, general manager of Li Ye Grammy wallpaper, the Monza marketing director Shao Zeyang, Oriental Parkson sales director Hu Qingshun, a wood tower of President Wei Xiaofei, general manager of sina Home Furnishing Dai Bei, the editor in chief of sina Home Furnishing (host)相关的主题文章: