Hospital drug users to buy high priced drugs to pharmacies wetnwild

The hospital withdrawal rules patients spend high price to the pharmacy to buy medicine for nearly half a year, Ms. song to gauge patients a provincial hospital to buy Caltrate and Votalin two kinds of medicine, that can not buy, if purchased at pharmacies will spend a lot of money. "I bought these two drugs in the hospital has been bought for five or six years, and never before had such a situation, this is what is going on?" Ms. song was very puzzled, to the hospital is explained by the pharmaceutical purchase price is too expensive. Reporters found that not only is in the hospital a lot of Caltrate, drugs in short supply. Insiders said that this is in June 1st this year, after the hospital drug zero difference brought about sequelae, the final loss of patients. The hospital withdrawal rules patients spend big price to the pharmacy to buy medicine in 2010, suffering from rheumatism Ms. song to do a large provincial hospital door rules, the rules as a patient medication in the hospital, only to spend 0.15%-0.5% of the payment can be very affordable. Because of illness, she need to take a long time but because of prednisone, prednisone is hormone drugs, will cause the loss of calcium, and she had to take calcium carbonate calcium, and helped him to stop the pain Lin. "I eat five or six kinds of drugs a month, the original price is to spend 574 yuan a month, to enjoy the door rules need to spend only $108. Over the past six years, I have been in this hospital to buy these two kinds of drugs, did save a lot of money, and never had to buy the situation." Ms. song said. But for half the time, Ms. song from the hospital to buy Caltrate, ask the hospital sometimes say pharmaceutical production, sometimes because the purchase price is too expensive. In the hospital can not buy, Ms. song had to go to the pharmacy to buy, pharmacies are sold everywhere, but in pharmacies can not enjoy the door to buy treatment, to spend a lot of money than the hospital. "Votalin is almost the same time appear out of the situation, but this medicine hospital sometimes, sometimes not. I have a box of Caltrate a month, a box of 30.08 yuan, eat two boxes of Futalin, two boxes of 54.80 yuan, more than 95% of the money to the next month, for our long-term medication of patients, really vulnerable." Ms. Song said, to buy drugs rules can be more than one of her patients, one of her friends in the hospital door rules do, is suffering from heart disease, need long-term use of "acertil" this kind of drug treatment of heart disease, two patients in outpatient and recent regulations not buy, only in health care clinics, the hospital asked what reason, still is explained due to the high purchase price of the pharmaceutical factory. "There is a problem of supply between the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, suffer or are we still hope that the hospital patients, to put our life-saving drugs to come in." Ms. song called. Shandong has a lot of hospital drug supply is not isolated cases for Ms. song reflect, reporters found the hospital, the hospital currently has indeed not Caltrate this medicine, pharmacy staff said, "there are no Votalin oral, topical, oral volume is also very small, as long as the arrival will hurry to the hospital. The medicine, or gone. The recent stock off badly." Unlike other frequently out of stock in the hospital, cheap drugs, Caltrate Pfizer’s foreign calcium brand, price is not low, how will appear out of stock phenomenon? Reporters found that the recent large number of drugs.相关的主题文章: