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Software Improving employee usage and productivity can significantly add to the profitability of the organisation and provide competitive edge against its competitors. One of the effective ways to achieve this improvement is to assign right type of work to the right person at the right time across the organisation. In other words, it is important to have close match between the skills, strength and liking of an employee with the type of work he/she performs. This is possible only thru efficient forward planning and scheduling of the employees against the type of the work. Traditionally such planning and scheduling is either not done at all or done using basic resourcing spreadsheet or calendaring tools. These methods are no more effective and efficient in fast changing business dynamics. They become further cumbersome especially in the environment, where there is BIG pool of employees distributed all across the organisation in different parts of world. To overcome these challenges, it is critical to have right resource planning and scheduling system, which is designed from scratch to manage and achieve improved usage and productivity of scarce resources. Right resource planning and scheduling system should have following features. Create enterprise wide visibility of resource availability and capability i.e. skill, role, experience etc. It is critical to have enterprise wide visibility of the availability and capability of the employees i.e. skill, role, experience, training etc. So that the right employee can be easily picked for the right job irrespective of departmental, team, office or city boundaries. This ensures optimum utilisation of employees across the organisation. To achieve this level of visibility, it is required to have centralised resource planning system, which can capture, organise and display organisation wide employee information centrally. Identify and allocate the right resource to the right job at the right time It is important that the resource scheduling software helps in easily identifying the right employee from BIG pool of employees across the organisation and makes it easy to allocate it to the job, modify the allocation, reallocate to others with help of simple drag and drop. This is crucial especially when the planner/scheduler is dealing with large pool of employees across the organisation. Visual scheduler and calendar interfaces are most suitable for such requirements. Measure and track resource utilisation across the organisation and balance work load Information about employee utilisation should be readily available to identify over and under allocation of the employees. Accordingly new work can be allocated and existing work can be easily reallocated to other employees across the organisation. This facilitates optimum utilisation of the employees and balancing work load, which ultimately adds to the profitability of the organisation. Accurately forecast requirements to hire right number of employees at right time Based on demand and supply of employees, resource scheduling software should be able to forecast accurately excess and shortfall of specific type of employees based on skill, role, department, team, location etc. This helps in hiring right number of employees at right time in future, reorganise your workforce and retrain existing employees with new set of skills as per changing business demand across the organisation. You can effectively enhance usage and productivity of your employees by using SAVIOM Resource Planning and Scheduling Software. This software is specially designed for this purpose and is available at affordable price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: