How to go overseas listing companies face gossip

High quality companies listed overseas to do the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Feng Ming said that if in the early stage of the reform, technological progress and industrial upgrading have to rely on attracting foreign investment, "Tuition" way to complete it; so today to change a large number of high-quality China Enterprises "fertilizer flow to outsiders Tian" phenomenon needs through deepening the reform of financial system, financial market "short board" to achieve. High quality companies listed overseas to do in September 5th this year, the Tencent Inc market value of HK $1 trillion and 986 billion, $255 billion 800 million, for the first time exceeded the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China petroleum, China Mobile and other large state-owned enterprises to become Asia’s most valuable listed company. However, in September 16th, the market value of Alibaba group increased to $266 billion 400 million, replacing the status of Tencent. There are comments on the network, said, ten years, only to win the price of Tencent shares". Unfortunately, for these high quality assets, the vast majority of Chinese people do not have the opportunity to participate in investment. Although there are more than eight hundred million people in the use of Tencent Inc to provide products, Taobao has more than five hundred million registered users, but most people are most loyal users of these QQ, WeChat and in but missed from the Tencent Inc or the Alibaba’s stock price rise in profit – Tencent listed in Hongkong, Alibaba listed in the u.s.. Even at the end of 2014, Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening, due to the limitations of the transaction threshold, the majority of domestic investors are still difficult to invest in Tencent shares. If Alibaba listed late, early venture capital and retail investors have little relationship, then the Tencent is different. Tencent in June 16, 2004 in Hongkong Stock Exchange main board publicly listed, has been twelve years. The issue price at the time was HK $3.7, with a total market capitalization of only HK $6 billion 200 million, and now the Tencent’s share price has risen to HK $210, the total market capitalization increased to HK $1 trillion and 986 billion. Twelve years, the market value rose to the original 320 times. You can imagine, if the Tencent Inc is listed on the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchange, then for domestic investors is a good thing. Each company is unique, for individual enterprises, completely reason may be because the technology, partner, founder of personal preference and choice of listing location, this without rebuke. But in fact, such as Tencent and Ali such users and profits mainly from the domestic, and listed in foreign countries, and domestic retail investors missed the phenomenon is not a case. The world’s ten largest Internet Co in the other two Chinese companies, Baidu and Jingdong, are also listed on the nasdaq. In addition, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Qihoo 360, Ctrip,, and, Shanda,,, SouFun, tuniu, Zhaopin, Jiayuan, thunder and other well-known Internet Co China chose on the New York stock exchange or NASDAQ Stock Exchange listing prospectus. In contrast, only a few well-known Internet Co in the domestic market, such as music, people’s network, Shanghai相关的主题文章: