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Reference-and-Education When it .es to preparing for GMAT Verbal, most students approach it as it were an appendage. One either .placently relies on language skills to crack the section or misconstrues expanding of vocabulary or increasing reading speed as the key requisites to cracking the section. Either of the approaches is myopic and futile. Let us begin by understanding the basic structure of GMAT Verbal; its 3 layers – Sentence Correction:With a limited number of question types, this section is the easiest to master. Most though err by rushing into solving the problems directly instead of building upon the foundation of the section grammar! A Sentence Correction (SC) question takes one-third the time .pared to a Reading .prehension (RC) or Critical Reasoning (CR) question; the time saved can be utilized to build upon the accuracy in remaining 2 sections. Tip: Focus on the fundamentals with specifically tailored grammar exercises as per one’s expertise level, moving then into various question types. Critical Reasoning: This section is underestimated by most students. It is only once one starts attempting it in mock tests, one realizes the impact the section has an overall accuracy. It is this section that causes the differential between high and average GMAT scores. Tip: Practice CR in a timed environment to check accuracy. Expert one-on-one guidance with the tutor provided by online GMAT prep courses can help improve performance on each question type. Reading .prehension: Did you know that unlike SC and CR, it is your RC strategy that will set the pace of your GMAT? Most don’t and hence disastrously approach the section without any plan in place. Tip: It is crucial to figure how one will tackle the section if one is running short of time or the maximum time that must be dedicated to RC or if it is necessary to read the entire RC. Online GMAT tutoring courses imbibe such specific approaches into the course structure as per individual strengths and learning requirements of each candidate. One can safely deduce from the above structure that the objective of the GMAT Verbal section is hardly to gauge the .mand over the language or grammar alone. It is mainly to : 1.Gauge understanding of the meanings of words, sentences within the text and the synergy between words and concepts. 2.Gauge skills to study and conclude; identify assumptions/perspective; understand the author’s intent and levels of meaning. 3.Gauge one’s skill to discern between relevant points; encapsulate text while understanding its structure. Most students fail to test themselves on the above parameters at the beginning of their preparation and are disillusioned within a month into GMAT prep. The lack of results further dents their confidence and mars the overall preparation. Working methodically is instrumental to derive success in this section. Traditional coaching classes approach the sectional objectives very myopically unlike online coaching classes which structure the approach as per each student’s expertise level against each objective. Register here for a free counselling session with an expert faculty who will assess your profile and re.mend a customized approach. Remember, the Verbal section is a part of an analytical test like GMAT for a reason! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: