Hu Dayi I accompany patients in Cooper clinic medical treatment experience and learning experience

Hu Dayi: I accompanied the patient in Cooper Clinic medical experience and learning experience – Sohu health

patients 65 years of age, 30 years of smoking, overweight, high blood sugar, no chest pain, can be engaged in high intensity and high strength work, routine examination when coronary artery CT found three lesions, each branch has one or two of the degree of stenosis of more than 70%.

2014 and 2015 to the Mayo Clinic Evaluation consultation. Meo did not like the domestic process to allow patients to do coronary angiography, but the treadmill exercise treadmill electrocardiogram test, two years of test results are not myocardial ischemia, Meo suggested smoking cessation, medication and rehabilitation. Do not recommend stents or bypass.

January 2016, the Mayo Clinic patients considered minus 40 degrees, where the cold, do not go to a doctor at home and Mayo, choose several Asian countries, not a hospital to do exercise electrocardiogram, consistent advocate coronary angiography, eventually chose a home in February 2016 to do a contrast, it is concluded that the three vessel disease, should be bypass or multiple stents, patients do not receive bypass, rather than support.

hospital has found a very convincing program to allow patients to accept: 1 first in the narrow and the most serious right coronary artery to put a stent, like the money to buy a security insurance against myocardial infarction. 2 the anterior descending branch and the circumflex branch shall be observed for a period of time and then put into a stent or bypass. The final move to the patient in the right coronary artery stent is to buy myocardial infarction prevention safety insurance vivid metaphor".

stent patients no longer dare to love the past, become unexplained cold sweating. And then in Asian countries and China had a coronary artery CT and radionuclide movement, left anterior descending and circumflex branch loop of a small branch has more than 80% lesions. What to do next? The doctor’s advice and opinions, so that patients at a loss, "put on the support is not assured, hold the bracket is not assured, the patients feel very confused.

consult me when I have no symptoms, two exercise ECG without ischemia, no stent. Need drugs, quit smoking and rehabilitation.

patient interaction, I and the patient referred to the professional life of Cooper legend, patients want to go to accept the assessment, I would also like to learn how the next Cooper Clinic consultation. We decided to Cooper Clinic on New Year’s day later, we arrived at the local time is already in the evening, when we went to the sports rehabilitation center inside, found old Cooper is moving from 1987, I paid 12 visits here, we found each other on the eye. I don’t want to disturb the old man’s movement, greeting a post saying, See you tomorrow!

on the second day of the Cooper to the patient all medical records, said he will be a serious review of medical records with a cardiovascular doctor, consultation needs from the next day from 7 to PM