Hubei ushered in the first snow of winter Wuhan minimum temperature will drop to 8 DEG C

Hubei ushered in the first snow of winter Wuhan minimum temperature will drop to 8 degrees Shiyan snow for map users in October 28th, Yichang, Bailihuang Dalaoling, Shiyan Wudang Mountains, Yun West Lake North Enshi, Shennongjia and other sub mountain, Hubei ushered in the first snow this winter. Yesterday, good shock frozen, Hubei, the first snow in these places! Accompany you to see the snow to find it, "a text in the Yangtze River daily official WeChat, micro-blog, the headlines after the push, netizens message: Yichang snow, snow in Wuhan will be far behind? [message] from the first snow of winter is coming so early @ de: autumn is more and more short, winter is gone on to. @ fine fine, slowly understand: not fall directly over winter. Jasper flow: 2016, Hubei @ the first snow came early! Don’t pit: the snow came early. @ Chong brother: girlfriend has a girlfriend, a boyfriend holding a boyfriend, I was terrible, I am not afraid of fat cold. A beautiful snow @! These places also snow @ Jujube is to real estate: Wang Xiangyang Baokang snow. @ Peng Xiongfeng: and Baokang hongyansi snow. Suizhou: @ tinkling Hongshan snow. How far will the snow in Wuhan will the goods: @ miles Wuhan not regret! @ Wuhan tomorrow: the end of November each year a day into the cold, this year is the end of October. Xueyong @ Guangxi: snow in Yichang, Wuhan far? Niuniu: what time @ Wuhan city to look forward to in the snow. Stella: @ field quickly let it snow, let the world more clean! @ lightning has a voice: look forward to more beautiful snow in Wuhan! It seems like Wuhan only has two seasons, it’s winter in the summer. Southerners and northerners are cold in Wuhan in winter! Only people can adapt to the weather in the two quarter only. Ann: @ mature people have been wearing long johns…… @lychee.Cat two: wear long johns. (reporter Cai Xinxing finishing) the temperature continues to dive today must wear long johns newspaper news (reporter Zhang pigeon correspondent Zhai Hongnan) by the cold air, not only to Hubei brought strong winds and rains, "also included" the first snow in our province this winter! Under the influence of cold air, these days, the temperature gradually decreased in Wuhan, has entered the winter feeling. Today is expected the temperature will fall significantly, the minimum temperature will drop to 8 degrees Celsius, the temperature "diving" makes full cold, like a winter night. The cold air strikes, the Shiyan Yunxi Piaoqi the snow, Enshi also began to snow yesterday. I yesterday, although there was no snow, but the weather is cold, It’s raining and blowing hard. Wuhan morning temperature is 9.3 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in Wuhan for the first time since the autumn of this year fell to below 10, refresh since the second half of this year a record low. The heavy rain was accompanied by the cold wind, let people feel more cold. Qifenglengyu, I have been hovering in the low temperature, the highest temperature is fixed at 10.4 DEG C, can be said to be from early to late cold. Meteorological station forecast.相关的主题文章: