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Hubuxiang old lane businesses today closed a month — Hubei channel — original title: Hubuxiang old lane merchant today for a month because of the natural gas business transformation, Hubuxiang old lane will be closed construction from today, businesses closed for a month. The last day of the National Day holiday, the Wuhan evening news reporter visited Hubuxiang 100 meters long lane, although the old lane second days to close the construction, but the narrow lane is still full of tourists and the public. "Tai Po Gan" boss told reporters, in late September, Lane shops received closed closed construction notice, "No. 8 in the wee hours of the night began to close the ground tunnel, comprehensive excavation, installation of natural gas pipeline. Part of the government subsidies, each booth merchants will be part of the installation costs, the number of specific costs and other relevant departments to inform." The reporter learned from the Wuchang area, the Hubuxiang housing intensive old, refractory low grade, many businesses use bottled gas and traditional stoves, fire safety hazards exist. In order to ensure the safety of operators, tourists and surrounding residents, Wuchang district government invested nearly 10 million yuan in the area of natural gas transformation project. The natural gas renovation period of 3 months, carried out in two phases. The first phase: October 8th – November 8th, the Hubuxiang 147 meters old lane closed construction, businesses closed, visitors can not enter the surrounding residents by laying the plank road west of normal travel, free and democratic road is closed, the normal business; the second stage: the completion of old roadway backfill construction, construction of democracy are synchronous the western section of the road, the road of freedom. During the western section of Hubuxiang, the old lane and the road of democracy freedom road merchants normal business. (trainee reporter correspondent Jin Qian Chang Xuan) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Guan Xiyan)相关的主题文章: