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Hunan Channel – the last week of the people’s network in the last week of September, the 14 cities and states of Hunan held the Party Congress. The Party Congress of each city and state should elect the Party committee of the new city (state), the discipline committee and its leading group and the representatives of the Eleventh Party Congress of the province. In order to ensure the election of a delicate gas is successful, the provincial Party committee decided during the state convention was held in the city, the steering group stationed in the field to each city state, strengthen the election atmosphere and general business on-site supervision guidance. In from September 25th to 29th, the author followed the Provincial Committee of the provincial Party committee to the supervision group of the Yueyang Party Congress, and recorded the whole process of the supervision of the changing atmosphere. In the change of the Party Congress in Yueyang, the intention of the organization was highly consistent with the will of the party members, and all the nominees were elected. 1., supervise training, strengthen ideological recognition and release a strong signal. In the afternoon of September 23rd, the provincial Party committee will be stationed at the municipal Party Congress, on-site supervision training will be held in Changsha. The meeting required that 14 provincial inspection teams should strengthen their ideological understanding, "open their eyes and elongate ears", and release the strong signals of "zero tolerance" of Zheng Feng Su Ji, so as to ensure that on-site supervision is effective. 2., the enlarged session of the Standing Committee of the CPC stressed the pressure of discipline conduction. On the morning of September 26th, the representatives of the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of China in Yueyang gathered for the gathering. In September 25th, the steering group entered the scene 1 days before the presentation of the report. Just put down the luggage, all members took part in the thirtieth meeting of the sixth Standing Committee of the CPC Yueyang municipal Party committee, emphasizing the pressure of the conduct of discipline. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee of the provincial Party committee and the commander of the provincial military region Huang Yuejin attended the meeting. The provincial head of the steering group, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection department level discipline inspection staff, the Provincial Bureau of corruption prevention of full-time deputy director Ling Shengshan requirements, we must resolutely prevent and eliminate all kinds of violation of discipline problems, in order to ensure that the election and integrity. Sheng Ronghua, the Secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, made a statement. 3., the installation of information boxes and publicity materials is fully installed on the night of September 25th. The members of the steering group go to the venue of the venue, and check the channels of reports and publicity. In the evening, the main meeting of the Party Congress in Yueyang, as well as the 6 report boxes of the four representative stations and the 24 sets of public materials, were all installed. In order to protect the whistleblower, the site of the installation of the report box is completely avoided with the camera monitoring area. The key is controlled by the supervisor. 4., the receiving and receiving special phones were equipped in place in September 25th. In the evening of September 25th, the steering group reported that the number was opened, the phone number was 18173099603, and the steering group arranged for a special person to receive calls from the public for 24 hours. A serious registration is made to the cadres and the masses, which are reflected by the report of the telephone, and are reported in other aspects, and are found in the work in violation of the rules for the change of discipline. On duty the Commissioner will also unregularly check the 12380 comprehensive reporting and admissible platform of the Yueyang city on duty and report admissibility. 5., the steering group held a regular meeting every day to elaborate its responsibilities. When it was 10 o’clock in the evening of September 25th, all the members of the steering group held the first meeting. The meeting that night was not until 11 o’clock at night. The steering group will supervise and guide the 24 hours of the meeting, and hold a group meeting every night to summarize the day’s work and to refine the deployment of the next day. 6. access to relevant information, strict procedures of discipline in September 26th, the steering group and strictly control the on-site supervision procedures, inspection of the agenda of the conference, election procedures and other documents, whether the program focus on understanding the organization in accordance with the requirements, random part of the city state party on behalf of the general recommendation of the nominees recommended to attend the examination and original data on behalf of the Eleventh Party Congress candidate nomination, the proportion of cases focus on the inspection on behalf of identity. 7. in the afternoon of September 26th, the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of China held a preparatory meeting of the Communist Party of China, Yueyang. Under the guidance and request of the provincial Steering Committee, all the delegates gathered to watch the warning educational films, and urged the formation of a serious atmosphere for changing the discipline and strengthening the supervision of the changing atmosphere. 8.24 hours of full supervision inspection "full coverage" in September 27th, all members of the steering group to conduct a comprehensive inspection in 17 missions of four hotels, the implementation of the relevant discipline inspection work, careful guidance will do wind Ji relevant publicity materials issued, will the wind will carry out the work on the job and discipline supervisors so, to ensure that the provisions of the discipline to implement. The steering group conducts routine inspection and supervision on the venue and representative stations every day, and lists the list of problems according to the problems found in the inspection, and timely requests and handles the findings to the municipal Party committee. 9., the opening ceremony of the Party Congress was completed on the spot and supervised in the morning of September 27th. The opening ceremony of the seventh session of the Communist Party of China was held in Yueyang. All the members of the steering group were stationed in the venue, and they were supervised in the rostrum, the venue and the whole outside. 10. general theater atmosphere notices vigilant Yueyang city discipline culture and Art Exhibition Center, in the hall of delegates must pass through the prominently posted notices material climate change propaganda discipline, when meeting, all remind every representative will conscientiously observe discipline. Under the guidance of the supervision group, the report box is installed inside and outside the main meeting, and the members of the steering group regularly collect the relevant materials. 11., during the party’s Congress, we carried out the democratic evaluation of the changing atmosphere. "What’s your overall assessment of the changing atmosphere?" "what’s your overall assessment of the strengthening of the changing atmosphere?" In September 27th, when the delegations discussed the work report in groups, they organized the delegates to focus on learning the relevant documents of the new discipline. They carried out the evaluation of the changing atmosphere and signed the relevant disciplinary instruments. 12. the check-in on behalf of the food and board and the arrival of the meeting will be checked in before dinner, and the bedtime is also checked at night. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee, the supervision group carried out a number of tests on several occasions, mainly to examine the food discipline, accommodation and arrival of the participants. All the delegates who ask for leave should ask the delegation to ask for leave in writing and explain their whereabouts. 13. Fangzu in action steering group guidance Yueyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry out field visits, two combined with the relevant functional departments, to the city of Yueyang has 10 batches of hotels, restaurants, restaurants, clubs and restaurants, shopping malls and other entertainment places to carry out inspection, supervision and general staff recently dinners, buy shopping card etc.. If the meeting is found in violation of discipline, strictly and promptly dealt with, to form a deterrent. 14., open the report box, under the joint testimony of the steering group, the inspection team staff use special keys to open the report box to see if they receive relevant materials. In accordance with the relevant working procedures formulated by the provincial Party committee, the inspection team should first communicate with the office of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China’s climate monitoring team, and timely transfer it to the municipal Party Committee for verification. In the process of verification, we should establish a mechanism of quick checking and speeding up discipline violations, together with local discipline inspection organs and organization departments, and find that they are together, investigated and announced together. 15., we should go to the election and vote counting, strengthen the key time nodes and supervise the morning of September 29th. All the members of the steering group will participate in the Third Plenary Session of the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of China in Yueyang. The plenary session elected the new Yueyang Municipal Committee members, alternate members, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the representatives of the Eleventh Party Congress. The members of the steering group visited the election and vote counting at the scene. 16., we must strictly abide by the discipline of supervision and discipline. We have repeatedly stressed the "nine strictly prohibitions" of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, the provincial Steering Committee has strictly followed all disciplines, and some comrades have been sticking to their posts. During the supervision period, the whole group strictly observed the eight provisions of the Central Committee and the nine provincial regulations, including the spirit, honesty and self-discipline, work style and discipline, especially strictly abide by the "Five Prohibits" Regulations for carrying out the supervision work, and consciously maintained the good image of the provincial Steering Committee. (Long Yuanwen) (Chen Qinxing, handsome commissioning editor: Ronaldo)

党代会风气监督全程大写真–湖南频道–人民网   9月份最后一周,湖南14个市州陆续召开党代会。各市州党代会要选举产生各地新一届市(州)党委、纪委及其领导班子和出席省第十一次党代会代表。   为确保换届选举风清气正、圆满成功,省委决定在市州党代会召开期间,向每个市州派驻现场督导组,加强对换届选举风气和换届业务的现场督导指导。9月25日至29日,笔者跟随省委派驻岳阳市党代会现场督导组,记录了换届风气督导工作的全过程。岳阳市本次党代会换届,实现了组织意图与党员代表意志高度吻合,组织提名人选全部高票当选。   1.督导培训,强化思想认识释放强烈信号   9月23日下午,省委派驻市州党代会现场督导工作培训会在长沙召开。会议要求,全省14个派驻督导组要强化思想认识,“瞪大眼睛、拉长耳朵”,释放正风肃纪“零容忍”的强烈信号,确保现场督导取得实实在在效果。   2.市委常委会扩大会议上强调纪律传导压力   9月26日上午,中国共产党岳阳市第七次代表大会与会代表报到集中。9月25日,督导组在代表报到前1天进驻现场。刚放下行李,全体成员就参加了中共岳阳市委第六届第30次常委扩大会议,强调纪律传导压力。   联点的省委常委、省军区司令员黄跃进出席会议。省委督导组组长、省纪委正厅级纪检员、省预防腐败局专职副局长凌升山要求,要坚决防止和杜绝各类违规违纪问题发生,确保换届选举有序进行、风清气正。岳阳市委书记盛荣华代表市委常委会班子集体表态。   3.驻地全面安装举报箱和公示材料   9月25日晚,督导组成员深入会场驻地,全面查验举报渠道畅通及会风会纪宣传公示情况。当晚,岳阳市本次党代会的主会场以及四个代表驻地的6个举报箱和24套公示材料全部安装到位。为保护举报者,举报箱安装地点全部避开了有摄像头监控区域,钥匙由督导组专人掌管。   4.举报受理专用手机配备到位   9月25日晚,督导组举报受理专用号码开通,电话号码是18173099603,督导组安排专人24小时受理群众来电。对干部群众通过举报电话反映的、其他方面转来的举报反映、工作中发现的违反换届纪律问题,进行认真登记。值班专员还将每天不定时抽查岳阳市12380综合举报受理平台的值守和举报受理情况。   5.督导组每天召开例会细化工作责任   9月25日晚10时,督导组全体成员召开第一次会议,当晚的会议直到深夜11时才结束。督导组实行24小时驻会监督和指导,每天晚上都会召开一次小组会议,总结当天工作,并细化次日的工作部署。   6.查阅相关资料,严格把好程序关纪律关   9月26日,督导组严格对照现场督导工作操作办法,查验大会议程、选举办法等文件资料,重点了解组织工作程序是否符合要求,随机抽查部分市州党代表推荐产生、换届提名人选推荐考核和出席省第十一次党代会代表人选推荐提名的有关原始资料,重点查验有关代表身份的比例情况。   7.集中观看换届纪律警示教育片   9月26日下午,中国共产党岳阳市第七次代表大会召开预备会议。在省委督导组指导和要求下,全体与会代表集中观看有关警示教育片,督促形成严肃换届纪律、加强换届风气监督的浓厚氛围。   8.24小时全程监督巡查“全覆盖”   9月27日,督导组全体成员对设在四个宾馆的17个代表团驻地进行全面检查,查验有关换届纪律各项工作的落实情况,精心指导做好会风会纪有关宣传材料的发放,会风会纪监督员在岗及工作开展情况等,确保各项换届纪律的规定落到实处。督导组对会场、代表驻地每天进行不少于一次的巡回监督检查,针对查验发现的问题,列出问题清单及时向市委提出要求、进行交办。   9.党代会开幕式现场分片区全程督导   9月27日上午,中国共产党岳阳市第七次代表大会开幕,督导组全体成员进驻会场,分别在主席台、会场内、外全程开展督导。   10.换届风气纪律告示时刻警醒   岳阳市文化艺术会展中心大剧场,在大厅的与会代表必经之地醒目地张贴着换届风气纪律宣传的告示材料,每当全体会议召开,都在提醒每一位代表认真遵守大会纪律。在督导组的指导下,主会场内外还安装了举报箱,督导组成员定期收取有关材料。   11.党代会期间就换届风气开展民主测评   “您对此次换届风气的总体评价如何?”“您对此次加强换届风气监督工作的总体评价如何?”……9月27日,各代表团在分组讨论工作报告的同时,组织代表集中学习换届纪律有关文件,就换届风气开展测评,在有关纪律文书上签字承诺。   12.不定期检查代表食宿和到会情况   就餐前先签到,晚上还要查就寝情况。按照省委要求,督导组多次开展抽查,主要对与会代表的就餐纪律、住宿和到会等情况进行检查。凡请假的与会代表,都要向代表团书面请假,并说明去向。   13.暗访组在行动   督导组精心指导岳阳市纪委开展实地暗访,两次联合有关职能部门,先后10批次到岳阳市内的酒店、饭店、茶楼、会所和商场等餐饮、娱乐消费场所开展检查,督查近期与换届有关人员请客吃饭、购买购物卡等情况。若发现有违反会议纪律的情况,从严从快从重处理,形成震慑。   14.开启举报箱   在督导组的共同见证下,督导组工作人员用专用钥匙打开举报箱,查看是否收到有关举报材料。按照省委制定的有关工作程序,对于收到的违反换届纪律问题的举报,督导组先与省委加强换届风气监督工作小组办公室沟通,并及时转给市委核查。核查中,要会同当地纪检机关和组织部门等建立违反换届纪律问题的快查快处机制,发现一起、查处一起、通报一起。   15.巡查选举和计票,强化关键时间节点监督   9月29日上午,督导组全体成员参加中国共产党岳阳市第七次代表大会第三次全体会议。本次全体会议选举新一届岳阳市委委员、候补委员,市纪委委员和出席省第十一次党代会代表,督导组成员在现场巡查大会的选举和计票工作。   16.自身过硬,严格遵守督导工作纪律   在向市州党代会反复强调中央换届纪律“九严禁”的同时,省委督导组也严格遵守各项纪律,有的同志生病也坚守岗位。督导期间,全组严格遵守中央八项规定、省委九项规定精神和廉洁自律、工作作风纪律等规定,特别是严格遵守开展督导工作的“五不准”规定,自觉维护省委督导组良好形象。(龙源文 图) (责编:罗帅、陈沁星)相关的主题文章: